5 Apps To Increase Productivity While Preparing For MBA Entrance Exams

These free apps will help you take control of your preparation by helping you focus and by increasing productivity:

1. Any.do (Available on iTunes and Play Store)

This popular app needs no introduction. It lets you create a simple to-do list. Just create a task and give it a deadline. Once you are done with the task, just mark it completed. In case you do not mark the task completed within the set time, it will remind you and even lets you extend the deadline. (P.S: Procrastinators should be careful with this function.)

2. Block Apps (Available on Play Store)

If you are someone who whiles away precious study time on social media apps or games, then this app is for you. Simply select the apps you want to block and set a duration to block them. Also, you can create multiple schedules and select the list of apps you want to block in these schedules. Also, this app uses device administration to prevent you from uninstalling it. (Don’t tell me you won’t try doing that.)

3. Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds (Available on iTunes and Play Store)

If you are trying to study (or sleep) in a noisy environment and end up getting disturbed, then this app will be your saviour. It has a variety of relaxing sounds that you can listen to while you study, meditate or try to sleep. You can listen to the sound of waves or enjoy the chirping of birds while you solve those RCs or catch some Z’s.

4. Smart Power Nap (Available on Play Store)

It is proven that a power nap improves memory and concentration, boosts mood, reduces stress and increases productivity. The Smart Power Nap App is designed to give you a 26-28 minutes long power nap. The app will start countdown only when you are really sleeping. Press the start button when you are ready for your sleep and every two minutes the app will ask you to tap the phone screen. If you tap, the app knows you haven’t slept yet and postpones the timer by two minutes. Wake up to a fresher mind with this one.

5. Forest (Available on iTunes and Play Store)

If you want to put down your phone and focus on something, then this app starts by asking you to plant a seed. As the time passes, the seed grows into a sapling and finally into a tree. But if you give away to the temptation of using your phone, the tree withers and dies. You also unlock new trees as you progress.

So let these smartphone apps transform your hardwork into smartwork.

Ereka Cyril

It's all about the people. XLRI HRM(2019-21)