5 Things You Didn’t Know About IIM Indore

Eyes filled with dreams and aspirations, and a confidence in your steps as you enter IIM Indore through the gigantic Entry Gate-1, the main entrance to the campus with IIM Indore beautifully written on the wall adjoining the gate.  It is an ecstatic and nostalgic feeling every time when I remember the first time I came to IIM Indore for my interview to its prestigious programme at the campus itself. Since that time I have learnt a lot and changed for the better in campus, but the charm of IIM Indore never reduces. Here are a few uncommon things about this premiere B-school.

First, let’s start with a little quiz about our campus?

1. What’s the motto of IIM Indore? (Hint: it is related to management and is in Sanskrit)
2. What is the mission and vision of IIM Indore? (Ask anyone around the campus and they would actually know the mission. Those words really mean something to us and are close to our head and heart)
3. What’s the name of the hillock on which IIM Indore is situated? (Hint: the name literally means zenith of management and is part of  IIM Indore’s address)
4. IIM  Indore is also known as ______ to its students (Answer at the end of this article)
5. If Pi-Shop is our student-run general provision shop, ____ is an e-cell startup for juices and other things. (Answer at the end of this article)
6. If you were in IIM I, the shuttle would be associated with which of these modes of transport ? van/mini traveller/bus (Answer at the end of this article)
7. Skywalk at IIM Indore refers to the __________ (Answer at the end of this article)
8. R.I.P. at IIM Indore doesn’t mean rest in peace it means an acronym for a much awaited course i.e. ______ ______ _________

Well after the warm-up quiz here are some facts about IIM Indore that you may not be aware of –

1. Out of 12th and into an IIM  – IIM Indore is only IIM in the entire country which offers a management programme at the undergraduate level. Students have chosen this course over other top academic programme and institutions such as IIT Bombay, SRCC, NLUs etc. Can you guess the name of the programme? Its the Integrated Programme in Management (IPM).

2. Globally Recognised Programmes – IIM Indore is amongst the few B-Schools accredited by AMBA (Association of MBAs, UK based accreditation society) in India, and the 4th IIM in the country receiving this prestigious accreditation. IIM Indore’s EPGP is accredited under the MBA category, and IIM Indore’s PGP (Indore and Mumbai) and IPM (4th and 5th year) under the MBM category of AMBA accreditation.

3. A Strong & Diverse Alumni Base – For an institute whose legacy goes back to 1996, and has witnessed about 20+ batches pass out with flying colours. The alumni from various industry backgrounds, having diverse expertise and interests can help you find the right opportunity, industry specific knowledge and information. One can further connect with more people in the industry and better understand it to deliver his/her best to the role.

4. Unique Courses Rural Immersion programme, Himalayan Outbound Programme and Industry Interface Programme are some of the most unique courses and most sought after by participants. And rightly so, because all of these courses are set in real-life settings, villages in and around Madhya Pradesh, manufacturing sites and offices of organisations and in the breath-taking views of the Himalayas. Some of the courses in finance and marketing are even taught by our own esteemed alumni who have an extensive industry experience.

5. Unique Location The campus is situated close to the industrial belt of Rau-Pithampur region which is also an SEC zone, thus it allows participants to interact with industry and undertake various live projects which give hands-on exposure to real-world business cases.

Hope you enjoyed knowing more about IIM Indore. Comment below if you would also want to share facts about IIM Indore.

1. Siddhimoolam Prabandhanam; 2. To develop contextually relevant and socially responsible managers ; 3. Prabandh Shikhar; 4. Planet-I; 5.Juices and More (JAM)

; 6.Bus; 7.Steep staircases covered with green & blue shade; 8. Rural Immersion Programme

Kabir Jain