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Life At IIM Indore

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Exploring Life At An IIM - "Abhi Toh Yeh Shuruaat Hai"

29th June’18, my first day in this jaw-dropping beautiful campus of IIM Indore. I will not be exaggerating when I say this has been a dream and still is. For

Campus Life At IIM Indore

IIM Indore, or Planet-I as we fondly call it, is a place which is home for all of us. This video, created and curated by the student community, is an

5 Things You Didn't Know About IIM Indore

Eyes filled with dreams and aspirations, and a confidence in your steps as you enter IIM Indore through the gigantic Entry Gate-1, the main entrance to the campus with IIM

A Month Inside An IIM

They say change is the only constant. The same happened to me about a month back when I had to shift to start my MBA here at IIM Indore. New

Of Clubs, Committees And Commotion – POR Hunt At B-Schools!

I peer through the window at the pitch-black night. It has started to drizzle, and the city far away has retired for the day. The clock strikes 12 and the

An Ode To Planet I - Life At IIM Indore

It’s an almost warm, rainy day in July. The newly-selected PGP Batch has just about arrived on campus. The experience begins even before one can actually reach the campus gate.

The (Said Or Unsaid) Rules At IIM Indore

Now that I am about to complete the first year at IIM Indore, I can proudly say "Been there, done that". Through this coveted space, I'd like to give the