Around The World In 16 Questions – ABG And InsideIIM’s Travel Game For MBA Students

The placements season is upon us in full swing. Some are still waiting for the summer  internship placements to end while others are already preparing for final placements. We have devised an interesting way to help cope with the stress and hopefully also discover more about Aditya Birla Group through our unique online travel game – Around the World in 16 Questions. The game is not too tough but it isn’t very easy either. Attempts are limited and you need to know names of places.

People who solve the 16 stages the quickest get a prize from Aditya Birla Group. Number of participants from your campus will also demonstrate the general interest levels about the Aditya Birla Group Leadership Programs.

Play the Game Here but read some of the information below before proceeding. You have limited attempts. So do not try until an unless you are absolutely sure.

Please note it works only on a Laptop/Desktop

Which is the most well-travelled b-school? Which b-school’s students are not only academic champions but also crazy explorers of this wild, colorful, mind-boggling world of ours? Have a look at how your b-school is performing on the leaderboard of ABG’s Around the World in 16 Questions. Maybe, your b-school needs your help? Click on the link and start travelling (playing) now!

Updated on 25th October 2017 4 pm


Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Remember the time when Diwali holidays would be the time to travel with friends and family? The era before grade point averages, class projects, campus competitions and placement preparation took over our browser from IRCTC and TripAdvisor.

This Diwali, Aditya Birla Group and InsideIIM bring you a special festive game. Abandon those filthy crackers and unhealthy sweets. Indulge all your senses in the experience of traveling vicariously across the many sights and sounds of this world. We bring you the online game – Around the World in 16 Questions.

The world is fascinating and flabbergasting and scintillating
So come on a journey by thinking, googling and answering
The questions all teasing, fooling and enticing
Every page is brimming with clues in every squarefooting
It will help if you are reading, listening, heck, even smelling

So tell us which country and then you can be moving
But if even after 5 attemptings, you don’t stop wronging
Your philandering will see a depressing ending
But if you keep righting you will keep finding
Newer worlds, newer mysteries, newer stories.

Happy Diwali, guys. Whether you are back home, in the midst of the Diwali madness, or on campus, missing the Diwali madness, we hope this little gift from us will make you happy, excited and nostalgic all at once. We are thrilled that you will be going to beautiful places all over the world with us!

Psst.. The quickest to clear all 16 stages stand to win really cool prizes from Aditya Birla Group!

Play the Game Here
Please ensure your speakers are on. Some of the clues are audio based. You have limited attempts. So do not try until an unless you are absolutely sure. Also, internet connection is a must at all times. Please note it works only on a Laptop/Desktop.

In case of difficulties, please write to chetan(dot)jadhav(at)insideiim(dot)com