Author: Apurva Sharma

Apurva is currently pursuing an MBA at IIM Trichy. She is a Core Member of Infrastructure and IT Committee of IIM Trichy. She is an avid reader and loves to explore serene places. Apurva is a marketing and research analytics enthusiast. She is a part of InsideIIM Student Team 4. She has 3 years of work experience in product based software companies such as Practo Technologies and as an Android Application Developer. She holds a B.Tech degree in Information Technology from Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) - Allahabad.

‘People Behind The MBA’ – In Conversation With Professor Suresh Paul Antony, IIM Trichy (Part 2)

In the previous article, we have already learned a lot about the administrative responsibilities of Prof. Suresh. In this article, we will explore his contributions towards academia in his 20 years long tenure, including his journey through Hel(L)! 5. You are a Fellow from IIM Lucknow and it has a reputation to have the most rigorous

ResPool – An Entrepreneurial Venture By IIM Trichy Graduates & Key Insights For Building A Startup In India

“Passion, creativity, and resilience are the most crucial skills in business. If you’ve got those, you’re ready to embark on the journey.” – Jo Malone, Founder of Jo Malone Entrepreneurship is the demonstration of creating a business while building and scaling it to produce a benefit. The more present-day definition of entrepreneurship is likewise about

A Glimpse Of Incredible India & The IIM-Terrific Life – From The Eyes Of French Students At IIM Trichy

You all might be thinking “here comes one more article on Student Exchange”. To be frank, yes it is one such article, but with a major difference. By now, you might have read several articles detailing the benefits of student exchange, management lessons to be drawn, travel diaries, and a plethora of content on such

‘People Behind The MBA’ – In Conversation With Professor Suresh Paul Antony, IIM Trichy (Part 1)

An inspirational writer William Arthur Ward once said – “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” This quote is perfectly relatable. We all possess wisdom within ourselves but without teachers, we are akin to a waterless sea. Pupils are unpolished sand stones without the teachers and

18 Countries In Just 3 Months! – Journey From An IIM To Iceland – Student Exchange Program Diaries

IIM Trichy provides its students with an excellent opportunity to internalize a holistic and global approach to solve all kinds of business problems through the International Student Exchange Programme. The programme widens the student’s perspective and helps them understand the dynamics of management in various foreign countries. I take immense pleasure in introducing Pawan Reddy,