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A Hundred Day Plan To Crack CAT 2019 By Four Time CAT 100 Percentiler

CAT 2019 is just a few months away, and this is the time to push yourself and take your CAT preparation up a notch. One of the most important steps you can take at this stage is to have a solid strategy in place for the remaining days left for

Mock CAT To CAT – What Adjustments Does One Need To Make? - 2IIM

With hardly any days to CAT, I am sure you guys have taken a lot of mocks. Even if you have taken gazillion mocks (as you should have by now), you should make a few adjustments before the actual thing. Here is a short list:1. CAT will be easier than

CAT Preparation - Frequently Asked Questions - Part 2 - 2IIM

This is the second part of the post on CAT Preparation FAQs, you can find the first part here.While analysing a paper, if a particular problem is extremely hard and the logic of the answer is also difficult to comprehend (especially some QA problems), is it worth spending too much

CAT Preparation - Frequently Asked Questions - Part 1- 2IIM

We got a lot of questions from CAT 2016 aspirants about the exam, preparation plan and general preparation strategy; for the benefit of everyone we have compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions and answered them in 2 posts. (The second one will be up next week)Since IIM has