CAT Preparation – The 80-Day Strategy

So today is Sept 8 and CAT 18 is on Nov 25. Counting backwards, you have 25+31+24= 80 days in total. Difficult… but definitely doable.

Now, if you are really serious about this, the first thing I’d recommend is to make it clear to your mentor (any faculty from your coaching or your siblings or parents) that you want this bad and you want their full support and stop listening to everyone else.

Get it out of your mind that it’s not possible. To make it possible, you first gotta believe in it… and more importantly, believe in yourself.

Now, take a day off and prepare a solid 80-day plan to work towards a 99 percentile score. Keep the following important things in mind while designing your schedule:

  1. Cover topics from all 3 sections and keep switching between them regularly. Your mind needs to have a habit of switching sections. Prepare it accordingly for exams.
  2. Purchase a good mock and start giving and analysing them from 15th sept onwards
  3. Give mock for 3 hrs, analyse it for 6. Practice during mock and learn concepts while analysing the answer keys and solutions of those questions.
  4. Most importantly, as the date approaches, don’t get demotivated and lose hope. Believe in yourself, believe in your schedule and realise that it’s now or nothing.

You have 80 days. Make the best use of it. Good luck!

Kaushal Bavishi

IIM Raipur PGP batch 2020