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Do You Know The Number Of Squares And Rectangles In A Chessboard

Often times in CAT exam, questions are asked on "How Many Squares Are There In A Chessboard?" or "How Many Rectangles Are There In A 8*8 Chess-board Which Are Not

Leaving Your Job For CAT 2020? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before You Quit

CAT is not an easy exam to crack, and it is not uncommon for test-takers to attempt the exam multiple times before finally being shortlisted by an IIM. Preparing for

Kickstarting CAT 2020 Preparation | The Ultimate Reading List

When you are starting your preparation for CAT, the most common question that arises is “Where to start from?” You try to search online and there are just so many

Inspirational Stories Of Aspirants Who Belled CAT In Their 2nd, 3rd and 4th Attempt

Many of us give CAT with the intention of getting admission in the prestigious IIMs. However, with 2.44 Lac registrations and only 12,411 seats in 20 IIMs, the chance for

Most Asked Questions By CAT Aspirants - Answered!

CAT, one of the most sought-out entrances written to ace into the topmost B-schools in India. Talking about the top b-schools in India, there are 20 IIMs, including the baby

CAT 2019 99.15 Percentiler's CAT Preparation Experience at Elites Grid

This review has been given by Rahul Mandal (99.15 percentile in CAT 2019) on the guidance and support he got from Elites Grid during his CAT preparation phase."Jab tum CAT

How I Got Into IIM Kozhikode Despite Having Myopia | Debayan Pal, IIM Kozhikode

Have you ever wondered what it is like living with a condition that slowly takes your eye-sight away? You can feel your vision growing weak, but there is absolutely nothing

99.57 Percentiler On Belling The CAT

Winter Is Here. Do Not Be Jon Snow. Know-How To Bell The CAT, Penned By A 99.57 Percentiler From The Himalayan IIM!