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VARC Scores Stagnating? Do This! Ft. Vineeth Chandra CAT 99.95%iler, FMS Delhi

Vineeth Chandra is an ECE grad from NIT Bhopal post which he worked with EXL for 8 months and then joined FMS Delhi.

99%ile In CAT Despite Facing Major Shocks - Here's How A Non-Engineer Did It

Preparing for an exam like CAT requires a major investment of time and energy, especially if you're a working professional. It takes extra effort for non-engineers who may need to

This CAT Prep Strategy Took Me From 60%ile In Mocks To 99.76%ile In CAT Ft. Varnika C, IIM Kozhikode

A 99.76 percentiler in CAT 2019 and a 98.55 percentiler in CAT 2020, Varnika Chaturvedi graduated from NIT Bhopal with a degree in computer science and worked as a software

Three Month CAT Prep Strategy | Tips And Tricks Score a 99+ In CAT

In today's live conversation with Oshin, we've invited a CAT 100 percentiler and a 99.87 percentiler who prepared for exactly 3 months in his second attempt.

Can You Get Into FMS Delhi With Below Average Marks? Ft. Kshitij Chandak, CAT 99.73%iler

Is my graduation score going to be a hindrance to my CAT prospects? You must have also had this thought at least once during your CAT prep! Well, today,

How To Improve Low CAT Mock Scores | Tips From CAT 99+%ilers, IIM A & IIM L Students

CAT aspirants often ask for the mock test scores of CAT toppers just to see if they're right on track or if there is any hope for them to bounce

How I Achieved 99.29%ile In CAT 2020 Despite Weak VARC Ft. Sidra Nasir Khan, FMS

Sidra Nasir Khan scored a 99.29%ile on CAT 2020. A fresher engineer from MANIT, Sidra was weak at VARC when she started out. Yet she did not allow her weak