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Konversations Cafe Travels To Mumbai. Register Now!

After a full house at Delhi, Konversations Cafe Season 4 travels to Mumbai for the next session. Industry insights, networking, meeting fellow aspirants, chit chat, fun Q&A sessions, and yummy

What Lies Beyond The CAT Scores?

Now that your CAT scores are out, do you know what you want to do next? What lies beyond B-school shortlists? What kind of a career do you want when

7 Life Lessons From 25 Years At HUL - BP Biddappa, Vice President HR | Konversations Cafe

In the fast-paced corporate world of today, it would surprise most of the millennials to even think that an employee could spend more than 25 years in a private company!BP

What Does HUL Look For In Its Summer Interns | Hindustan Unilever | Konversations Cafe

What makes HUL one of the largest FMCG players in the world? Is it the talent pool and passionate people working at the vibrant workspace or the business decisions that

Why MBA - Stories From Professionals Working At Google, Flipkart, Microsoft & More

Have you wondered why people choose to do an MBA? Perhaps for better work prospects and return on investment? Perhaps in order to gain an edge over others? Every year,

How To Find A Job In Consulting - Tejas Dave, Consultant - IIM B Alum - Part 3

In this video, Tejas Dave, Consultant - McKinsey & Co., Ex-Entrepreneur, IIM B answers various questions about consulting and entrepreneurship. He talks about ways to find a job in consulting,

Consulting Companies Look For Spikes In Your CV - Tejas Dave, Consultant., IIM B

In this video, Tejas Dave, Consultant - McKinsey & Co., Ex-Entrepreneur, IIM B shares the story of working as a consultant. He shares invaluable tips on the skills a consultant

My Lessons From 2 Failed Startups - Tejas Dave, Ex Entrepreneur, Consultant - IIM B

In this video, Tejas Dave, Ex Entrepreneur Engagement Manager - McKinsey & Co., Consultant - Booz & Company (Now Strategy & at Accenture), IIM B talks about moving from the