For CAT Preparation, Which One Is Better – Online Or Classroom Course?

As you must know any national level exam like CAT requires a preparation par excellence to get you into your dream college. And it requires us to make decisions from the very beginning. This is where smartness comes into play. I will break down the answer into multiple phases right from the beginning to the end.

1. The Inception (How to start)

Depending on your capabilities and how much time you will be able to devote on your per day basis, you can decide whether you need a coaching or do it by yourself. There might be pros and cons to both the sides. Don’t run much. Look at your own academic career, analyse it. See at what point of time in your life you had the need of your tutor. Compare it with your current scenario like what it is you are aiming for and is it possible for you to get there without a continuous support from a mentor. This has to be done by you. With sheer honesty. You will come up with your answer.

Now once decided, you can opt for self-study or classes.

Classes again create a dilemma like which one to chose and what should be the medium.Online or Offline.

Online / Offline:: Now this is where you need to get out of your comfort zone. You might be well acquainted with offline classes. But just think, is it okay to go for offline classes just because you have been accustomed to it, or won’t it be better to go for something that promises more and is more aligned with your goal? If you are a working professional then have a look at your routine/shifts and then decide which one benefits you the most. learning on the weekend offline or throughout the week online. If you are still studying then see how can do you manage your daily routine. But yeah. GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. CAT requires this much.

Which one to chose? DON’T run after the names in the market (I am not defaming anyone). Instead look for the place which meets your capabilities. For instance, everyone has their own grasping power. If a person will go for a coaching that is in a hassle to complete its course only then please DON’T GO FOR IT. Instead chose a place which looks for clearing doubt of each and everyone before moving to the next topic. If you are really good at learning new things in first go then good for you and if you are not then even better. So in simple words look out for a place where your personal care is guaranteed.

2. The Induction (How to prepare)

Now once you have decided on parameters mentioned in point one, you definitely will come up with ‘How to take it from here’. If you enrolled in some classes then believe in your mentor. There is no looking back now. But moreover, you need to plan things for yourself. And PLAN THEM WISELY. Make sure of dealing with new concepts and all three subjects. Learn from your mistakes and avoid repeating them. See how are using your time. For instance, if you need to travel one hour to your college or office then use that time to read/solve/learn. Make a plan and stick to it.

3. The continuation

So far you would have read that I have written about what to do what not to do. But I have not mentioned how to achieve what you want to achieve. There is one and only one thing that answers everything “HARD WORK” It has got no substitute. This one is a constant. You might be smart enough to make every smart decision, but what after that. Execution. And execution does require hard work. You might have made the best possible plan but it’s not worth if you are not going to give all that what is required for it to get executed. Planning is nothing without action. Both should be in synchronisation, like a perfect Orchestra (If you ever get to see Hans Zimmer’s live concert you will get a clear picture of what I am talking about).

ADVICE – Always be on top, be active, because the moment you blink, someone will be there to kick and oust you from the throne, however unworthy they might be.

Hunny Malhotra

I am Hunny Malhotra From ElitesGrid. Currently, I am running Online/Offline Classes for CAT Aspirants. I am CAT 2017 QA 100 Percentiler.


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