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"I Fought To Get My Juniors To Be Part Of A B-School Fest" - Harrshit Kansal, IIFT Delhi, InsideIIM's Best 50

An engineer from BITS Pilani, going on to study at IIFT. Sounds pretty standard right? Harrshit's story is somewhat similar. But what makes him stand out among his peers is

840 Plus IIM Bangalore Students Elected Me To Placecom - Shruti Prabhu, IIM B Grad, InsideIIM's Best 50

It takes a special kind of focus, dedication and interest in order to get out of your comfort zone and develop yourself as an individual. In our list of India's

I Helped A B-School Dropout Friend To Find Direction - Dinesh Ramesh, InsideIIM's Best 50

Getting into an IIM or a top Indian b-school promises you immense exposure. But what makes a b-school student an exceptional talent that recruiters vie for? What are the qualities

I Helped ISB Students Find Temporary Accommodation During The COVID-19 Lockdown - Shreyas Katta's Journey To Success Against All Odds

Being a leader is a difficult job, especially during this tough time of COVID-19. There are a lot of people expecting you to give them direction, and you do not

I Started An Awareness Campaign For The Stray Dogs In My Locality - Serena Panesar's Journey To Success Against All Odds

Work always seems incomplete without a zest of creativity and passion. That is especially true when you’re in marketing or advertising. Today, we bring you the story of a creative

I Used The Two Months Before B-School To Raise Fund For An NGO - Tanay Bagade's Journey To Success Against All Odds

We all want to give back to the community we come from. But, how many of us actually get to do that? Today, we bring you a story of someone

I Risked Many Things In Life To Support My MBA Dream - Parul Goyal's Journey To Success Against All Odds

Life is very uncertain. There are times you will have to take risks without knowing the effect it may have on your future. Today, we bring you a story of

Thrown Off A Moving Train, Rejected 5 Times By IIM A - Ameer Iqubal's Journey To Success Against All Odds

We at InsideIIM are storytellers - stories of those who've faced failures repeatedly, those who've gotten up for a split second before being thrown back to the ground but eventually