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How Much Do Management Consultants Earn In India, US & UK?

Consulting has been one of the most sought after roles that B-school students want to get into after their B-school. Roles like Management Consulting provide students an opportunity to work

How I Found Confidence Through My Specialized MBA Degree To Get A Job At Glenmark

Divya took up Healthcare Management as her preferred choice, when it came to taking a decision on which course she would like to take up from WeSchool. A decision that

5 Most Preferred Domains And Sectors IIM Grads Want To Work In

Choosing which domain to start their respective careers in becomes a decision that a lot of students struggle with. There are pros and cons associated with each of the domains

Investment Banker & Equity Research Analyst Roles Simplified | MBA Career Guide, Ep 3

When we talk about finance roles, everyone pictures themselves as a part of becoming Wolf of the Wall Street and consider themselves as ones who add ‘power’ in powerful.

Consulting Career: Why & Why Not To Get Into It? | Riya Chhabra, Facebook, ex-McKinsey, INSEAD Alum

Time and again, with our research within the InsideIIM community and outside, we’ve observed that Consulting is one of the most preferred career options for MBA students and graduates. It

What Do Consultants Really Do? | Skills Needed, Career Progression, Jobs & Salaries In Consulting

Consulting is one of the most sought after domains post MBA. Many students and professionals alike dream of securing a role with the top consulting firms of the world. Yet,

The Ultimate Guide To Management Consulting After MBA | Career Guide For Aspiring Consultants

There are few roles that are more glamourous and exciting than Management Consulting. Add the hefty paycheck that a Consulting job offers, and it becomes clear why Consulting is the

All You Need To Know About Consulting Jobs After MBA | Live Session With BCG, Bain Consultants

It is now an undisputed fact - consulting is, by some margin, the most desirable sector to work in for MBA students across India's top IIMs and other top-ranked management institutes,