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Not Everyone Who Does An MBA Is Successful Ft. Johann M, Monitor Deloitte

In this last part, Johann Matthai, Manager of Customer Strategy at Monitor Deloitte, talks of his experience working with Deloitte, in Amsterdam. He talks of his journey that got him

The Science To Success | Konversations Reloaded Ft. Saurabh Sengupta, Ex VP Sales - Zomato, IIM Indore

Stuck at home, anticipating an uncertain future? Thanks to Coronavirus, we’re facing uncertain lockdowns and isolation, resulting in economic setbacks. Meanwhile, what to do with that extra time? Well, we’ve

My Experience At HEC Paris, Cornell | Johann M, Monitor Deloitte, GMAT 770

Continuing his talk, Johann Matthai, Manager of Customer Strategy at Monitor Deloitte, touches upon how he approached the GMAT exam, and what your GMAT score can mean for you. From

MBA During A Global Economic Crisis | Johann M, Monitor Deloitte, HEC Paris, Cornell Alum

Johann Matthai has a long list of premier institutions in his CV. From St. Stephen's College to MICA to HEC Paris and Cornell, his resume shines brightly. He is currently

Skills, Qualities Of A Product Manager Decoded Ft. PMs From Flipkart, Uber, Amazon, Microsoft

Do you want to become a product manager? Do you wonder what a product manager actually does? What kind of background does a PM need to have? Must a product

Konversations Reloaded With Seema Bansal, Director - BCG, IIM C

Coronavirus and the CoViD 19 pandemic has put most of the world into lockdown. Work and systems are all undergoing a transformation. Meanwhile, MBA aspirants and MBA students get some

Future Homes Might Not Have Kitchens Ft. Rahul Gadi, Zomato | Konversations in Quarantine

Continuing his talk, Rahul Gadi tells us of his experience in Zomato, and what his role of Head - Regional Growth comprises of. He talks of positive growth, what it

We Lost A Lot Of Money, But The Learnings Were Worth It Ft. Rahul Gadi, Regional Growth Head, Zomato

Rahul Gadi, currently Head - Regional Growth at Zomato, MICA alum, always wanted a good career, and so he decided to do CA. However, after clearing the first two levels,