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10+ Product Management Frameworks To Become A Better PM

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, effective Product Management has emerged as a cornerstone of success for organizations striving to stay competitive and innovative. As the role of a

How To Write A Killer Product Manager Resume In 2023

Creating a product manager resume is akin to selecting the ideal song to match your mood - daunting and overwhelming. However, your resume acts as your gateway to the professional

Master the Art of Product Management with These Must-Have Tools

If Captain America has a vibranium shield, Thor has Mjöllnir, and Hawkeye has his bows & arrows, what does a Product Manager have? Well, PMs have some really amazing product

Revealed: The Huge Salaries That Product Managers Take Home Annually

Product Management is one of the most powerful careers in the corporate world - every decision you take as a Product Manager can influence the behavior of millions of people

Career Transition To Data Science | What Do Recruiters Look For In A Candidate?

One of the most prevailing concerns among professionals considering a career change to Data Science is “Do I need a technical background to enter the field?” The answer is a

The Truth About Product Management: Coding Skills Not Required

If you're someone who self-admittedly can't write a single line of code or reset their home’s Wi-Fi router - Can you land a high-paying Product Management job at the UBERs,

Python For Data Science: A Comprehensive Guide To Getting Started

“Today with data science, for a lot of it you don’t have to have a Ph.D. anymore. You don’t have to spend years and years studying something. The runway is

The Story of Think School - India’s Knowledge University, ft. @ThinkSchool

In the last two years, @ThinkSchool has reached millions of people through its informative content, business lessons, and geopolitical approach to explaining business concepts.