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Denim Disaster - Case Study | Learning IRL BY ABGLP

Everyone wears jeans. Even the most basic wardrobes will contain a pair of jeans. Most of us even have our preferred jeans brands. Today we’re discussing one such brand. We

The Finance And Accounting Quiz - Learning IRL BY ABGLP

If finance is your future career path, there's some basics you ought to know. Whether you hail from a pure finance or commerce background, or whether you studied one of

How Henry Ford Pioneered The Assembly Line | Learning IRL By ABGLP

Interested in an Operations and Supply Chain management career? You probably dream of working with new age e-commerce startups or cloud kitchens among others. One of the key aspects of

Technology Helps Marketers In Identifying Consumer Behaviour - Here's How!

“The higher the expectations about unselected alternatives, the lower is the level of satisfaction with the chosen good.” 

Commoditization Of Brands - Challenges And Responses

Packaged water - Kinley, Bisleri and Aquafina

Your Resume Is Not Enough For A Job Application, Ft Amandeep Singh, VMLY&R | Konversations Cafe S04

"You’re just a tweet away from your dream company", says Mr. Amandeep Singh Kochar, Business Director @ #VMLY&R.Amandeep Singh Kochar did his engineering with hopes of becoming a hacker, but

How Supermarkets Plan Inventory | Learning IRL BY ABGLP

Do you aspire to a career in supply chain and operations? If yes, one of the biggest opportunities open to you involve working in an industry manufacturing industry grade products.

From Product Manager At Reliance Jio To AVP At CarWale | An IIM A Alumni's Journey

We hear about these mysterious creatures called product managers every now and then. We know they exist, and we aspire to be one of them. But we have no idea