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The FanTAStic Quiz Is Back! Know About The World of TAS and Tata & Get Noticed

Owing to the overwhelming interest last year, the FanTAStic quiz is back with another season, this time with a series of 8 quizzes. A quiz competition that not only tests

Consulting Salary Trends | Bain Tops The List With INR 73 LPA - Upper Salary Limit!

Consulting continues to be a dream job for many. Despite the fact that it's regarded as being demanding, the glamor, stature, and benefits linked to the position make it one

A Booming Job Market Of Supply Chain Management, With Salaries Topping 25 LPA!

Several years down the line, when the lasting impact of the pandemic is discussed, supply shortages of food and other essential goods will surely be one of the top headlines

Free E-Book | The Quintessential Product Management Career Guide

Product management is a vital business function that helps companies find development possibilities and create customer-centric solutions. It describes the course of a product’s lifecycle from the research to the

IIT MBA Placements 2022: Astonishing MBA Salaries at Top-Ranked IITs

If there are two brands that we associate with premium education, it's the IITs and the IIMs. While the former has already made a mark on the world with its

A FREE Interview Guide That No Supply Chain Management Job-Seeker Should Miss!

Have you ever wondered how your favorite fast food restaurants manage their inventory & deliver your meal on time? Or have you ever walked into a clothing store & wondered

Top 8 Ways To Fill Academic Achievements On Your Resume | Varnika Chaturvedi, IIM K Co'23

As we covered the basics of CV making in the last article, we focused mainly on how to frame CV points and what should be the key considerations in mind.

ISB Placements 2022: Remarkable Leap in Salaries Offered to PGP Batch

The 2022 ISB placements report is now out, and the leading business school has witnessed an impressive uptick in the salaries offered to its PGP batch of 2022. ISB witnessed