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I Said Mujhe Sales Nahi Karna Hai, Give Me Marketing, Ft. Kalyani S, Tanishq,TAPMI Alum

At Tanishq, Kalyani Seshadri doesn't believe in serendipity, but getting up and fighting back.

Case Study: The Supply Chain Of Amul - From Cow To Kitchen!

“When it comes to dairy products, the supply chain is an udder science.”  - While many people drink milk regularly, few are aware of the extensive supply chain that carries

Layoffs & Job-Searching Dynamics In 2023: Which Are The In-Demand Digital Business Jobs You Must Check Out

If you too were looking at 2023 as a year of financial & career growth, planning to jump on the new year, new job, new job me wave, we agree

Why Free Digital Marketing Programs Won’t Help You In Your Career?

Why settle for a mediocre digital marketing education when you can level up and get the real deal? Free online Digital Marketing courses may seem like a cost-effective solution, however,

How Your First Sales Role Sets You Up For a Great Career Ft. Swati Rao, HUL

HUL is known as a distribution behemoth of mega consumer brands, but is also considered a leadership factory thanks to the legacy and success of the UFLP program.

How An MBA Helped Me Transform Self-Doubt Into Opportunity

“I had lost touch with mathematics, quantitative reasoning, and even reading comprehension, which is vital for MBA preparation, and I could not cope with mathematics or other quantitative sections. So,

How Brands Capture Consumer Attention, Ft. Andrea R & Stefania B, SDA Bocconi

We are back with yet another conversation with two marketing stalwarts, that will bust some marketing myths and reveal new threads for you to think about.Team InsideIIM went to SDA

Mis(s)adventures of a Salesgirl: The Journey of an MBA Grad in Sales

If I say that this is a one-of-its-kind book that uniquely deals with grave issues with a subtlety suggestive of mature writing and simultaneously immersive, I wouldn’t be wrong. This