Data Interpretation And Logic – I – InsideIIM Virtual Class with CREDence’s Amit & Bhavin

This video will give you practical insights for your CAT preparation by experts in this field. Please watch the Data Interpretation and Logic session below. It has 2 different types of sets where Amit and Bhavin help you to figure out the best ways to approach these sets and questions. Please download the set and questions here. Try solving them in about 20 mins and then watch the video to see how best you could have solved these sets. There are a lot of important pointers and learning from this exercise.

Download Sets – DI & Logic – InsideIIM – Session1 – Credence

Data Interpretation and Logic,  Session – I



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Suhas : It is given that 78 shots were taken :
SO each player has taken his 4 shots 6 times. That totals to 72.So Each player has taken 24 shots. 6 more shots have to be taken. So a Player x takes his 4 shots and the total number of his shots are 28. And now 2 more shots are to be taken as it was on 78th Shot that Lampard's points toughed 300. So the next player takes 2 shots. His total is now 26.
In this way the shots taken by each player are 28,26,24.