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From 680 To 740 - How I Scored 700+ In GMAT In My Second Attempt | Dhruv Chopra, GLIM

GMAT is typically taken by students in an attempt to study abroad. However, many Indian b schools have begun accepting GMAT scores in recent years. In this video, we spoke

Best Resources To Prepare For GMAT And GRE - A Complete Guide

Thinking of pursuing an MBA abroad? Great plan! To get to your dream business school, however, you need to take either the GMAT or the GRE - an essential component

GMAT Versus GRE - Which Exam Should You Take To Pursue An MBA Abroad?

Are you planning on studying abroad? Perhaps you’ve been following our other stories related to study abroad. In our previous articles, we’ve covered the structures and details of sections for

Can The GMAT Help You Access Your Desired Employment Destination?

Getting into a prestigious business school and being shortlisted as an MBA candidate – there are a couple of strong reasons why taking the GMAT exam is something worth your

Understanding The Four Sections of GMAT - A Complete Guide

Planning on giving the GMAT soon? What can you do to prepare for GMAT? In our previous article, we covered the exam structure of GMAT, giving you a brief overview

All You Need To Know About The GMAT Structure

If you’re planning on doing an MBA, you’ve probably heard of GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test). It’s one of the most important exams that you can take for a career

Done With CAT? Here's How You Can Remain Motivated In The Last Mile To XAT 2020

CAT 2019 is over! And it is understandable that you are exhausted and feel drained out. Preparing and appearing for a paper-like CAT is hard, as it is a highly

Why One Should Take The GMAT - GMAT Vs CAT

As a first-year MBA student that got into KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research with a GMAT score, I couldn’t help but wonder how many of my peers