On The Girl Of My Dreams And My Dream College – Nishant Kumar, IIM Bangalore

If I tell you that you can still have her, would you start looking for her? Will you tell her that you missed her all this time? Would you confess your love for her, finally?

When I first met her, I must admit I was immature. I bet she was too. To be honest, I was afraid of her.

“It was like looking at the most beautiful girl of your life and being afraid of all the way she could break your heart.”

We were innocent, we didn’t know what love meant. We didn’t even know how to express them. We spent our life in bits and pieces, the phases of our life defined by the ringing bells. We used to meet at the ring of morning assembly, and depart when the clock ticked two. She wasn’t close to perfect but then she didn’t need to be either. She was full of flaws and so was I. She was all I needed at that moment. She was my first love. She taught me how to find happiness in small things.

“I wake up each morning, with a smile on my face, because I know I have you by my side”

But, like every other girl, she sought attention. She felt proud when I stood top, ignored me when I didn’t. She helped me feel complete. She introduced me to her friends and soon they become a part and parcel of my life. Just like her, they were innocent too. We bonded from the moment we saw each other.

“She was like one of those early mornings, waking for whom whole night, makes her more beautiful”

When I grew older, I finally had to leave her. Her memories are dizzy now, but I still miss her some days. I wish I could have told her how much I loved her.

Being in the premiere college of this country, feels different. She is no longer innocent but mature. I still make mistakes but she is more professional. She still seeks attention. She not only cares about my grade but of so many other things. She is flawless, I am still flawed. We spend our whole day together. She attaches my happiness to big dreams, dreams I once thought were never possible. Her friends are no longer innocent. Even though she is not the one I want, she is definitely the one I need. She isn’t selfish anymore. She shouts professionalism and advice me to sail across oceans, to become a better version of myself.

Even though she is very different from what I imagined her to be, she still completes me. I still can’t imagine my life without her.

Nishant Kumar

Nishant Kumar PGP 2017-19 IIM Bangalore