How To Research On A Company And A Sector For Job Interviews – Summer Time Madness – Reliance & InsideIIM

This is the third episode of our initiative with Reliance Industries Limited, ”Summer Time Madness”. After talking at length about what goes into making a resume and the common errors committed in the first two parts, what comes next is researching your potential employer. Why do you need to arm yourself with enough relevant facts and figures of a company that you have applied to?


The first question that comes to a candidate’s mind is what kind of data should he/she just glance through and what set of information should he dive into and concentrate on. Let’s simplify this process and compartmentalize the resources that a candidate could possibly come across while performing a company research.

  • Get your basics right – The stepping stone or the first part that needs more focus in the entire process is getting basic facts and figures right. This would involve going through some direct resources which are always accessible like the Company Website, Annual Reports, CEO Speeches.
  • Investigate the company’s balance sheet to understand it’s financial health and well-being. A lot of ground-work also needs to go in having an overview of the eco-system in which the company is functioning and how national/international level policy changes and phenomenon could impact it.
  • Through the Grapevine – Activate your network. Connect with alumni, friends or anybody in your circle who could give you an interesting insight about the organization and its working.

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