Final Placements – Class Of 2018 – IIM Ahmedabad – Unverified

Highlights of the report as seen in the Press Release:

  1. Students were hired across 23 different cohorts, with more than 47 different firms hiring from diverse sectors such as Technology, Banking, Consulting, General Management, and Analytics.
  2. There were 176 dream applications this year.
  3. 40 new companies were involved in recruitment this year. 125 firms participated and 150 roles were offered in the recruitment process for 2018.
  4. Accenture Strategy made 18 offers, the highest number of offers this year at IIM Ahmedabad.
  5. 6 students opted out of the placement process to work on their own ventures, under the guidance of the Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE), IIM Ahmedabad.
  • The table below represents the line-up of Management Consulting and General Management recruiters:

IIM Ahmedabad Placement Report - Companies: Consulting & General Management

Key Insight: Accenture Strategy was the top recruiter in Management Consulting sector with 18 offers.
Tata Administrative Services was the top recruiter in the General Mangement cohort (7 offers).

  • The table below represents recruiters in the Banking and Finance space:

IIM Ahmedabad Placement Report - Companies: Banking & Finance

Key Insight: Amongst global banks, HSBC and JP Morgan were the top recruiters with 5 offers each.
Under Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) recruiters, American Express presented the maximum number of offers (8 offers)

  • The table below represents the Sales and Marketing recruiters from the FMCG and Consumer Services sectors.

IIM Ahmedabad Placement Report - Companies: FMCG

Key Insight: In the Sales and Marketing cohort, Airtel was the top recruiter with 8 offers, followed by HUL (5 offers).

  • In the Consumer Electronics and Enterprise Tech cohorts, the following were the recruiters:

IIM Ahmedabad Placement Report - Companies: Consumer Services - Consumer Electronics - Telecom

Key Insight: Microsoft extended 8 offers, the highest in the Enterprise Tech cohort.

  • Top recruiters:

IIM Ahmedabad Placement Report: Statistics

Increased hiring for laterals positions, as well as Consulting, Operations, and General Management and Leadership roles was the highlight of the Final Placement Process for 2018 at IIM Ahmedabad.

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