IIM Indore Interview Experience – 2018 – Aman Raj – Verdict: Converted

DATE – 22nd March 2018, Morning Slot.

Venue – Hotel Kenilworth, Kolkata


WAT Topic – How Ease of doing business ranking is created? What is your opinion on India regarding ease of doing business? What government can do to improve ease of doing business in India?

Described how it is created, factors are taken under consideration. Supported it with proper government initiatives and detailing its impact on Indian industry. Ended with some suggestions and views.

I was 2nd last to be Interviewed in a panel of 10 people & 1 guy was absent.

( Three panellist P1 – Alumni, P2 & P3 Prof. and M – mere liye..)

P2 – Tell us something about yourself.

M – Answered

P2 – Are you an Economics Graduate?

M – Yes sir,

P2 – Your Favourite Topic in Economics?

M – Sir, Microeconomics

P2 – What is Demand curve?

M – Drawn and explained it Properly ( all 3 panellists satisfied )

P2 – You must have taken some assumptions while drawing it. What are those?

M – Assumptions I took were :

  • Income of Consumer
  • Taste of Consumer
  • Price of complementary and substitute goods
  • Number of buyers and sellers in the Market

And explained all these.

P2 – what is price elasticity of demand?

M – Price elasticity of demand refers to a Percentage change in Quantity demanded of a good with respect to Percent change in its Price.

The mathematical expression of price elasticity of demand:
Price Elasticity = (% Change in Quantity) / (% Change in Price)

P2 – what is income elasticity?

M – Income elasticity of Demand refers to the Percentage change in Quantity demanded with respect to the percentage change in Income of the consumer.

The mathematical expression of Income elasticity :
Price Elasticity = (% Change in Quantity) / (% Change in Income)

P1 – What is the equation of the graph you drew? (gave me these 3 equations)

  • Y= x+5
  • Y = -x+3
  • XY = 5

M – Told him and he seems satisfied.

P1 –
How to calculate the Slope of this Demand Curve (Pointing to the demand curve I Made)?

M – Told Slope formula.

P1 – Aman, Today we called 10 students in a panel but 1 is absent then In how many ways we can call all 9 candidates for Interview?

M – Sir, 9! ways (told Instantly without taking any time )

P3 – Why?

M – Sir, Suppose if I am an Interviewer and I have to interview you 3, let’s call you A, B, C.

If I called A first then I can call either B or C in any order I want. ( Before I spoke further, he told me, I got it )

P3 – Extempore Time and Told me all the rules.. and topic.. My topic was “Compulsory attendance should be removed from higher education”.

M – Told not completely but attendance limit should be reduced which gives students a chance to explore other areas and support entrepreneurship and gives the example of Facebook and Microsoft and elaborated on it.

P3 – Who drafted The Constitution of India?

M – Sir, Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar.

P3 – Tell me something about Indian Parliament?

M – Told about Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha, How Members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha are elected.

P3 – Why Rajya Sabha is called Upper House?

M – Told him I don’t know the exact reason…. might be because they are indirectly elected representative.

P3 – What do you mean by indirectly elected ?

M – Sir, member of Lok Sabha and are directly elected by people but Members of Rajya Sabha are elected by the Elected Members of the legislative assembly.

P3 – Who is the chairman of Rajya Sabha?

M – Sir, Vice President of India Venkaiah Naidu.

P3 – Who is the Current speaker of Lok Sabha?

M – Sir, Sumitra Mahajan.

P3 – which is the opposition party in Lok Sabha?

M – Sir UPA (later I checked and found it’s vacant)

P3 – (He saw other panelist and told) we are done. 


Thanked all of them… and came out




Aman Raj

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