IIM Indore Interview Experience – 2018

Date: 13/02/2018

Venue: Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition, Dadar, Mumbai.

Time: 1 pm

My profile:

10th: 97.4 % (CBSE 2009)

12th: 93.6 % (CBSE 2011)

Grad: 75.15 % (B.E Electrical Engg., FCRIT Vashi, Mumbai University, 2015 passout)

Work-Ex: 25 months as Design Engineer in Petrofac Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.


I reached the venue at around 12:45 pm. Document verification was ongoing. I took a seat and waited for my turn. As soon as it was 1:15 pm, the WAT process started.

WAT topic: How can Social Media and Internet help in promoting Swachh Bharat Abhiyan? Time limit: 30 minutes.

Wrote down some points on how the social media is presently promoting the cause and why it is necessary to ramp up efforts.

The verification activity resumed after the WAT process. After the verification, I was allotted Panel-2.

Interview Panel: 3 members. One female (F1) in her late forties and two males (M1 & M2). M1 in mid-50s and M2 in mid-40s.

This was my only call of the older IIMs. Preparatory levels were quite good since I was already done with my SPJIMR Interview.

My turn came around 2:45 pm. M2 called my name and I accompanied him inside the room. He offered me the seat and greeted me. I then greeted all the three panellists. M1 was going through my Personal Data Form.

M1: So Sarath! Where are you working?

Me: *heard ‘were’ instead of ‘are’* Petrofac Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.

M1: But it says here you have resigned from your job.

Me: Yes sir! I quit last August.

M1: Why did you quit your Job?

Me: Answered.

M2: Where are you working now?

Me: Answered.

F1: What was your work Profile?

Me: I was part of a team responsible for the electrical design of a project plant in North Kuwait. I was responsible for handling Cables and related accessories. I have also served as a Field engineer on the site.

M1: *still unconvinced why I had quit my job* Core Job! Why did you quit your job?

Me: Explained the same I had explained 5 min before. *M1 still unconvinced*

F1: Which specialization are you looking at?

Me: Explained how my work involved delivering quality products and how my organisation ensured the quality of deliverables is maintained to satisfy the client requirements. *Went on to link my work with various aspects of operations. I had prepared this question for my SPJIMR interview.* Hence my inclination towards operations.

F1: How will you increase the operational efficiency of agricultural industry?

Meanwhile, M1 tries to take my documents folder from my hand. My concentration shifts to M1 and I hand him the folder.

Me: *to F1* Sorry Mam! I did not get your question.

F1: Say I’m a farmer. What advice would you as a government officer give me to improve my productivity?

Me: *thought for a while* Farm productivity can be increased using various measures such as fertilisers, crop-rotation, using high-quality seeds, improving the quality of soil and controlling pests.

F1: How would you as a customer know the quality of agricultural products since you are unaware of the background processes involved in obtaining the product?

This time M1 was showing my folder to M2 and both were discussing something. I thought it was better to ignore the disturbances.

Me: Ma’am, as a customer, I would only procure things which are obtained through processes that are certified by recognised institutions. And as a farmer, I would make sure my processes are standardized and certified by an appropriate institution.

M2: So you are an electrical Engineer. Can you tell me the working of an Induction motor along with all laws applicable?

Me: Explained the working. Explained Lenz’s and Faraday’s Law.

M2. *seemed satisfied* What are the different losses in a transformer and what is its efficiency?

Me: Explained load losses and no load losses. Answered the efficiency of a transformer in the range of 95-99 pc.

M2. AC or DC for transmission? Give any one reason.

Me: AC voltage can be stepped up and down. This helps reduce losses. Currently, HVDC is not so developed to enable efficient transmission. Hence, I would go for AC transmission.

M2: Where are Fourier and Laplace transform used in Electrical?

Me: *thought for a while* Sir! Both are used to convert a time-domain function to a frequency domain. Don’t remember anything else about them.

F1: Two women went from India to Pakistan recently. Do you know who are they?

Me: An Indian naval officer who has been labelled as a spy in Pakistan is a captive there. I’m not able to recollect his name. This officer’s mother and wife had gone to Pakistan to meet him. *His name is Kulbhushan Jadhav*

Meanwhile, M1 takes a toffee from a bowl in front of me and starts eating. I look at him and then shift my focus back to the interview.

F1: What was the whole issue about?

Me: I suppose the mother and wife were harassed during the meeting.

F1: Where is the Prime Minister currently touring?

Me: The PM is on a visit to three countries UAE, Oman & Palestine. Currently, he is in Oman.

F1: Your extempore topic is Renewable energy in India. You have 1 minute to think and 3 minutes to speak. You can write down points on this sheet of paper. *hands me a sheet of paper*

Me:  *thought for a minute. Did not write anything down* Talked about the International Solar Alliance headquartered at Gurugram, India. Gave examples of how the current government is trying to push the use of renewables: budget points related to renewables, use of solar panels in Kochi Metro, Rewa Ultra Mega Solar project and some other points.

F1: *after some time* that’s enough. Your interview is over.

I thanked all of them, looked at M1, then at the bowl of toffees and left.

Verdict: Converted.

Sarath Warrier

An Engineer living an MBA Dream.