IIM Shillong – Abode Of Clouds

Far from the territory, there lies a lovely place, into the mountains and the woodlands that flourish in the middle of the valleys of stream Brahmaputra and waterway Surma. Indeed, even the terrain lies at the most distant corners, toward the North Eastern domains of the area – India. The place which is the capital city of “The Abode of Clouds” and regularly known as The Scotland of The East, is the city of Shillong. Inside this wonderful, green city lies the evergreen grounds of the seventh IIM of the nation – IIM Shillong. The school, IIM Shillong, which I’m a PGP member of since 2017, is known well known for its umpteen one of a kind projects and activities, also about its one of a kind manageability program which keeps running for a whole week as the establishment courses on maintainability, there exists incalculable different uniqueness related with the foundation and its teaching method. Among each one of those exceptional projects, one which I accept energizes me the most and contacts my spirit is the IIM Shillong Annual Golf Cup. The Tenth Season of IIM Shillong Annual Flagship Event, The Golf Cup initiated on eleventh of November 2017. Generally, the occasion is introduced on Day One with a formal ‘putt’. The debut this year was done in nearness of Dr. Amitabha De, the chief of IIM Shillong and Mr. Shishir Bajoria, the administrator of IIM Shillong. The occasion saw support of in excess of 140 golfers, which mirrors the gravity and the noticeable quality the occasion. What I discovered astonishing was that the golfers were not simply from the North Eastern conditions of the nation, however, were even from the most remote locales of the nation. The sort of support talked in itself the earnestness and the hugeness the occasion plays in the lives of the member golfers. The occasion is an embodiment of the quality that the foundation is fit for conveying to the province as well as to the whole world. The occasion saw cooperation from corporate golfers, that aides in making a genial situation for connection between the corporates and the understudies. Being a piece of the plan group of the Tenth Season of IIM Shillong Annual Golf Cup, I view myself as blessed to think about the occasion. Since I knew about the corporate golfers taking an interest in the occasion, I was all around arranged to have a significant discussion with them. What I observed to be strikingly amazing is that the intuitive sessions in the restful settings of the Gleneagles Of The East truly increase the value of the understudies, giving them critical experiences with respect to the corporate world. The quiet green condition of the area leaves delightful recollections for the excellence of the whole three days encounter. The occasion was before chosen to be a two days occasion. The occasion was sorted out next to each other with Khlurthma, the Annual Fest of IIM Shillong, that which welcomes interest from all head B-Schools crosswise over India from different rivalries. The tenth period of the Golf Cup finished effectively with the victors being congratulated by the central visitors amid the night supper at the Meghalaya State tradition Center. The heart-throbbing knowledge at the occasion is something that I’m certain will dependably stay brilliant and clear in the brain of the considerable number of members.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

Having beforehand worked at manufacturing Industries, Reliance India Limited, as a chemical engineer, I trust it is simple for me settle on the ABG organization I would work for. I recall the day I anchored grounds position at Reliance Industries from IIT Guwahati was the most joyful day of my life. Despite everything I view myself as blessed that I was having the capacity to be a piece of such a brilliant adventure at one of the organizations of Reliance Group. I had the aim of working for Hindalco Industries despite everything I seek after the inclination to be a piece of the same. There is not really any method of reasoning behind the point, to be completely forthright, and is even more a blend of sensible and enthusiastic associate, as it was dependably a fantasy of mine to function as an architect in one of the biggest and famous industry pioneers in the field of designing and assembling. Hindalco is one of the world’s biggest aluminium moving organizations and is one of the greatest makers of essential aluminium. Additionally the organization, as an understudy looked very appealing


Saurabh Jalan

PGP 2nd Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong