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What Does It Cost To Pursue An MBA From An IIM?

In a survey conducted in 2018, InsideIIM asked its vast user base of MBA aspirants the top-5 factors that mattered to them while choosing a business school. Unsurprisingly, amongst the

Meet InsideIIM’s Best 50 - Class of 2018-20 | A Compilation

Every year, at InsideIIM, we endeavor to select the Best 50 - The Most Employable Graduates of their year. This year too, we conducted the Best 50 Survey. We floated

I Created A Self Running Code Module To Save Time At Work | Kshipra Dwivedi, InsideIIM’s Best 50

Whether it's taking the initiative to better organisational processes, or having the clarity to make landmark decisions that impact your career, a good leader needs to always stay aware. Not

I Let Go A Career In Pharma Research For A Sales Role - Ritika Jha, InsideIIM’s Best 50

Letting go of personal, self interest and acting for the betterment of others around is an ideal we are taught diligently. But it's a completely different matter putting this ideal

I Resigned From My Job To Pursue My MBA Dream | Vasundhara Singh, InsideIIM's Best 50

For some of us, an MBA is a choice for others it is all or nothing. Our today's feature Vasundhara Singh dreamt of IIMs since a very young age. She

I Helped In Creating An App Prototype That Can Locate Earthquakes Shelters - Pranishaa Prakash, IIM Shillong Grad's Success Story

There are around millions of apps that are developed in today's world. But, not many that can help you locate safe shelters during Earthquakes. Today's feature - Pranishaa R. Prakash

IIM Shillong The Most Academically Diverse IIM, Class of 2019-21 | InsideIIM's Academic Diversity Report

MBA at IIMs seems to be the natural path many engineers take in order to gain career growth and higher pay checks. But today we find doctors, CAs, lawyers, humanities

I Held Sessions To Help My Non-Commerce Batchmates With Concepts - Maharshi Chhaya's Journey To Success

Have you ever utilized your competencies to help improve those of others? Have you ever stepped up to your seniors when they were wrong, and left a positive impact on