IIM Shillong – Batchmates Who Have Become Family

1. NAME – Mansi Khandelwal

Say Hello to Mansi. She is a financial analyst turned marketing pundit. The hectic IIM schedule does not prevent her from following her two passions, dancing, and fashion blogging which manages with her Instagram handle known as the_style_trunk. She is a core member of the marketing club of IIM Shillong, the knowledge, and skills she gained helped her succeed in her internship in Britannia. What makes her stand apart is her determination, she carried around an injured leg and was not able to dance. Therapy took months, and she was cut off from something she loves. She did not despair. She rode through the tough times and soon got back to her passion with flying colours.

2. NAME – Suvojit Sarkar

The Tech-brain of the batch. If you’re looking for him post class hours, odds are better of finding him in his room playing DOTA (An online game) or doing some coding in some new programming language. Rain (Shillong gets plenty) or shine, he never misses his daily practice in DOTA and backs it with ranking among Top 100 players across the world. His dedication and work ethic are simply unmatched. This sounds quite crazy, but he plays even during exams to waive off the pressure. Our exams are compact and offer very little breathing space. This guy has earned my envy and respect, majorly the latter, by efficiently managing his academics and passion.

3. NAME – Akashdeep Vimal

Akashdeep Vimal is a fighter from a small town of Uttar Pradesh known as Unnao. Be it any travesty that he faces; he takes everything coolly. He does not slip into depression or rage. He is the role model for keeping emotions away while making rational decisions. He has been a prominent part of event organizing society, yet he is equally good with the strict academic rigor I’m constantly amazed as to how he does not get bogged down by the unhappy things in life. He lives life as one should, happily and peacefully.

4. NAME – Kaustubh Bhagwan Tarmale (Late)

A braveheart, a hero and a brother in the world of cutthroat competition. Words cannot do justice for this great guy’s selflessness and bravery. He passed away by drowning, after saving 3 of his cousins who were swimming in Bhatsa river near Pune. Upon hearing their cries while drowning, he bravely jumped in and saved all their lives. Alas, he was pushed by the currents and was drowned to his death. His death was a shock to all of us, and I am still trying to deal with the fact that he is not with us anymore. He was a great guy with an infectious smile and bushy hair which were a common sight in the boys’ hostel.

We were pseudo roommates and used to plan our entrepreneurial venture and the strategy to make it a success.

His energetic steps lit up every event in college. Always helpful, he used to frequently give out a patient ear to anyone who wanted to pour their hearts out.

Dear Kaustubh, you will forever live in my heart, and we will meet in the afterlife, and I know you are in heaven so, if I land up in hell, then we will do our crosstalk through the wall like we used to do in the hostel.

I miss you!!!!

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I might want to work for Madura Fashion and Lifestyle, a division of Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited. The organization has a splendid brand portfolio that includes all age gatherings and financial areas. It is an astounding place of brands, overseeing such a significant number of brands like Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Allen Solly, and Peter England successfully, without the brands tearing apart each other’s deals. As a promoting devotee, I have learned about Madura broadly and think working in this specific ABG Company will give me abilities and experience I would not have the capacity to get somewhere else. I would figure out how to deal with numerous brands in the meantime, while remembering diverse target portions and appropriation channels.


Anurag Deepak Dwivedi

PGP 2nd Year

IIM Shillong

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