IIM Shillong – On Cordial Relationships

Situated in the royal complex of Mayurbhanj, which earlier was the summer palace of Mayurbhanj royal family, probably Indian Institute of Management, Shillong is the only institute to be situated in an old palace area. Apart from the scenic beauty of the campus, the crown jewel of our institute is the faculty fraternity. The highly qualified faculty, teaching a lesser number of students when compared to other comparable institutes. This has given heed to more student-faculty interaction, creating a more cordial learning relationship with each other. The faculty is balanced in all the major domains of the business administration along with special focus given to sustainability.  Sustainability conference held every year, at international level, is the main event of the institute which invites international level research papers to be presented in this event, to create awareness, introduce new technology regarding sustainable business and its development. The institute was one among the pioneers to add sustainability in their core courses of post-graduation program. This makes the students imbibe the sustainable way of business development and thought development. Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam sir was the most esteemed guest faculty to be hosted by the institute. This has added a lot of value to the institute and the students as well. But it was very unfortunate for the nation as a while to lose him while he was doing the thing he loved the most-“teaching,” the stage still echoes his voice, and the student fraternity of IIM Shillong still remembers him and his teaching. Golf is the game of business elite; the institute hosts a golf season every year, which invites business leaders for a season of golf, which also includes interactive sessions with students and corporate discussions regarding important contemporary business proceedings. This would help in analyzing the current business trends and the perspectives of business leaders regarding the situations. These valuable insights would help the students to develop a more analytical and logical thought process towards the change in market situations. The college along with the development of students in-house also aims to develop the north-east region. It has included this in its core principles, the college provides free career consultation for the students in the region, making them know about the available future career options. The institute also conducts survey projects for the development of north-east, collaborating with government agencies and ministries. These projects also include a feasibility study, environmental impact analysis, and many such things. To promote the entrepreneurial spirit among the people of nearby localities, the college conducts entrepreneur summit every year called EMERGE, where the business leaders of well-established firms, along with founders of some of the successful start-ups and entrepreneurs will be invited for a weeklong event. There will be discussions moderated by in-house faculties; there will also be recognition of best entrepreneur who has developed a sustainable business model in the north-east region, aiding to development of the region and also the people directly or indirectly. The journey in this institute is filled with chilled weather, continuous rainfalls and occasional earthquakes, apart from all the studies, there has to be time pulled out to explore the unexplored raw nature in north-east India, and enjoy the local culture in the sister states. This is a lifetime experience, no matter how fancier words you use, it is never fully portrayed, to live and experience north-east would be the best decision of anyone.

Grasim industries limited:

If I get a chance to work with ABG, I would like to choose Grasim industries limited. Grasim is one of the largest textile producers in the nation, with its highly efficient supply chain model. I was brought up in a house which incorporated a factory inside. This was a silk twisting factory, which produces yarn. This was a family-owned business which has seen ups and downs from about four decades. From living here to managing the factories for a couple of years, I have a little understanding of the market. There would always be demand for the textiles regardless of economic cycles, the demand may be less but never nil so has to affect the factory abruptly, but there is the crunch of raw materials based on seasons, labour availability and many other factors. So working in this sector would be challenging and would help me in developing my career along with me contributing to the conglomerate in whatever level it is possible.


M S Vinay Prasad

PGP 2nd Year

IIM Shillong

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Placement Committee of IIM Shillong