IIM Shillong – How I Entered The MBA Vertical After Law Graduation

I was a freshman in my under-graduation college and was deeply dispositioned to be a corporate lawyer. In my quest to join the corporate world, doing an MBA seemed like a great perspective but I shunned that thought because 5 years of law school was enough studies for me. I invested myself in various internships trying to hone and develop my skillsets and also trying to identify which area interests me. I had a life changing internship in FICCI-Flo Lucknow-Kanpur chapter where I was the organisational head and was primarily involved in setting up the organisation and conducting seminars and webinars to annex the great expanse in the whole of Uttar Pradesh. Soon the reputation of FICCI-Flo reached its apex and it became one of the major organisation hosting a range of 32 events within 2 years. Coupled to this internship and after 3 years into my law college, my inclination was flared by my uncles business and I was thorough in being an intricate part of the business or the corporate vertical. It was no later that I placed myself in one of the most eminent B-school of the nation i.e. IIM Shillong.

My journey into IIM Shillong was peculiar enough. IIM Ahmedabad had posted its result for the WAT/PI and I wasn’t short-listed. I was dejected from life and its results. I hated the idea that I failed in getting into what seemed to be the greatest opportunities of all time. When all hopes were lost, I dropped the idea of post-graduation and started thinking about opening up my own venture. So I sat with a group of friends discussing the various growth possibilities of the venture that we had decided to start. When we were zeroing down on the plan, www.iimshillong.ac.in had different plans for me. I got a notification on my mail prompting me to confirm my admission into the college. I did not think that I would be joining the college. The day I got my result, I had an hour long discussion with my aunt, the brainchild of Team Satyam, an educational institute HQ in Lucknow and also my Teacher. She said “colleges do matter but what matters the most is your will to succeed and grow. If you want that leap in your life, you gotta leap otherwise you could walk like most people chose to do.” I gave in to this statement with a commitment to excel and touch the zenith with all my might and strength performing to my utmost capabilities, starting my management in synchronisation with my sports. My air tickets were booked and my college fees were paid, my father had made this decision easy for me. I landed in Shillong on 21st, with the determination of looking forward and the prospects that lay in front of me.

Here I was in IIM-Shillong, the only lawyer amongst the great diverse batch. Apart from the natural beauty, the college puts me in with a diverse culture of both the city and people of the college. The rigor of B-school has started and I am glad that I was mentally prepared for the same. Interestingly, the fascinating part was the start of the rigor itself. Our entire batch of PGP18 had to come on a common platform so as to survive the stress. So we were all made accustomed to it via peer learning and guidance by the seniors. Now I won’t discuss the neat game through which this guidance was provided, but it was worth it.

How do I plan to put my first step into the corporate sector. Is it a walk or a leap?

After the rigorous “entertainment”, it was time to pull up our socks. We had our first “Podium” session with Deloitte India. Thereafter, to fathom the corporate world, I started researching about the various companies that would be my ACE company. While reading through the site of ABG, Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail caught my eye. With it being the leader in the branded apparel store and other retail goods, there cannot be a better choice. The dynamism is the market interests me. I come from a defence background and have accustomed myself to the dynamic environment. I like to accept challenge and utilise opportunities to garner my growth and also at the same time benefit the other. It finally seemed that I have stepped into the realm where there exist things greater than just money.


Ketan Suri

PGP 1st Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong