IIM Shillong – On Ethos

“The campus in clouds” aka Indian Institute of Management Shillong, is one of the best business schools in India and has contributed extensively in moulding world-class managers who have contributed positively not only for their companies, but also for the larger society.

But, what makes this institute unique, a leader amongst other business schools ?? According to me,  the answer to this question can not be expressed in words, but can only be experienced. One has to be here in the campus, to be a part of the entire process and be able to imbibe the entire culture of the institute to be able to appreciate the beauty as well as loftiness of the institute and the ideals it stands for.

But two broad principles can be credited to the success of the institute which are

  1. Awesome in-house faculty
  2. Basic ideals the institute is built upon

The faculty members teaching in the institute are the best guides a student can hope for. Their subject knowledge is just phenomenal and besides the knowledge of their respective fields, they also bring a lot of business experience to the table, which makes the entire learning process very practical and something one can relate to easily.

Besides their expertise with their respective subjects, it is the ethos that he faculty members bring to the table that becomes that differentiating factor between this institute and others.  The faculty members can be as soft as mothers, but when the situation demands, they can be as hard as a rock. The faculty doesn’t shy away from pushing a student to expand his limits and also giving bad grades if the student doesn’t perform even after doing everything possible from their end. Though this makes a Professor unpopular amongst the student community, but everyone in the end aggress to the fact that it was because of those grades only that they actually learnt a lot which was immensely useful to them in their corporate life.

As the ethos taught to us in IIM Shillong fit perfectly with the work culture and principles of the Aditya Birla Group, I think IIM Shillong would be an ideal campus to the group to choose and groom their future leaders.


Arjun Khanna

PGP 2nd Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong