IIM Shillong – My First Friend

Regardless I can recollect the restless evenings and the diligent work that I had done to chime the CAT exam. Indeed I belled the CAT, however, the amusement wasn’t finished. Despite everything, I had meetings to split to make it to the fantasy school. At last I got a mail of change from IIM Shillong and I was on the highest point of the world. I couldn’t trust that I had made it to one of the best B-Schools of this nation. Notwithstanding, the delight wound up inconspicuous after I gave a contemplated the things that were holding up ahead. I knew it from the earliest starting point that the life will be considerably harder than the one I had for making it this far. Indeed, IIM Shillong did not disillusion me in that issue.

When I resulted in these present circumstances school, my most exceedingly bad dreams had turned out to be valid. With the exception of one good thing, now I didn’t get those bad dreams any longer since I didn’t get the rest to see those bad dreams. We as a whole were troubled with such huge numbers of a task and due dates which were compulsory for every one of us to meet. So I understood that for my entire life I was in rest and IIM Shillong woke me up.

We barely could discover whenever to rest disregard making companions. All that we could consider was attempt to meet the due dates and get some an opportunity to rest. In this bustling life, I didn’t imagine that I would discover time to make companions. I had gotten notification from IIM’s seniors that you make companions for life here, however, I didn’t anticipate that it will happen too early. I had a gathering framed for one of the assignments and there I met him. He helped me in the task sacrificially takin the whole weight on himself. There I understood that in such an occupied and aggressive place u do discover steadfast and accommodating companions and I am happy I discovered him. Truly he is no uncertainty extremely keen yet in the meantime, he is a colossal amusing to be around with. At whatever point I have an issue in any of the subjects he is there to help and at whatever point I have to make some person a piece of the mischiefs that we do in this grounds again he is that one individual I would love to be near.

Life no more appears to be troublesome here. Presently I have begun getting a charge out of the extensive assignments alongside the restless evenings since I have an extraordinary organization to share my heap with. Planning to have the following multiyear likely the best two long stretches of my life.


Lav Agarawal

PGP 1st Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong