IIM Shillong – Making Men Out Of Boys

One of the quotes that I remember before joining a B-school was that “ They say that an MBA makes men out of boys, at least professionally”. One thing that I can vouch upon is the fact that my journey here in IIM Shillong has been bumpy, adventurous and exciting. The time spent here has pushed me out of the comfort zone enabling me to explore new boundaries. Chaos is a part of daily routine, but a person who comes out of the B-school falls in love with the madness. Things that remained constant even after all this time is a smile, willingness to learn and a pinch of salt.

Talking about what I’ve achieved from my classroom experience is to work like an organisation. to be a leader, fight for others, the willingness to achieve something, make yourself proud. The classroom can be called an organisation which exhibits learning in three different stages- study group, individual stage and the overall organisation i.e. the classroom stage.

What makes IIM Shillong different from any other MBA college is the collective participation of the whole class that develops a pattern which helps in achieving efficient and result-driven problem-solving skills. Every different class has something new to learn and provides motivation to implement these learning onto the subjects faced in real life.

One of the memorable experience from the class that we all faced was during the storytelling session in the SLC course. SLC stands for self and leadership communications. During the storytelling session each participant had to tell a story on the stage from his life or from his experiences. The gist of the storytelling session was to connect to each of those members present in the crowd. If a person can connect to the crowd and get the people immersed in the sayings, he or she has achieved something which is powerful enough to communicate what a person has to say. The impact of this session lasted for days, this was an experience which enabled us to recognise our intellectual level.

The stories told in the session changed our perception towards life and towards each other. The foremost point is that this session was totally voluntarily and none of the participants made an excuse to opt out of this session. The session enabled us to share our thoughts in a positive and diplomatic manner.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

One of the companies from ABG that I would love to work would be Ultratech Cement Ltd, as it is the largest cement company in India. Apart from being the largest cement company in India, it is amongst the leading producers of cements globally. Some of the products from Ultratech cements that are worth mentioning are Ready mix concrete and white cement. Ultratech cements
has been involved in some of the well-known projects such as the new international airport in Mumbai, Bandra Sea link in Mumbai, Burj Khalifa. UltraTech cement provides an adventurous platform for the younger and innovative minds.

Kishlay Sharma

PGP 2nd Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong