IIM Shillong – A Moving And Inspirational Classroom Experience

It was a routine day of first term and we had a Self & Leadership communication class by professor Sanjeeb Kakoty. The class began with the professor taking the attendance and was left wide open afterword. The agenda for the class was “Share your story”.

For a moment, all of us were perplexed by the thought of what do we need to do next in the session. Was it about sharing some memorable experiences? Was it about sharing your expedition story? Or was it about sharing your most intriguing life experiences? I guess it was about all. My batchmates started to come on the dice and started sharing their fun-filled experiences and everyone in the class had a great laugh after hearing those stories.

Suddenly, one of the batchmates came to the dice and he shared his story about his family and how his parents made all the sacrifices for him. It shook us from within that his father was no more with him then and everyone in the class had a tear in their eyes. We could barely gauge what was happening around and got dwelled in the motion. After this batchmate got off the dice, the entire environment of the class had been changed. There was no fun filled stories anymore. People got the much-needed courage to speak up and the came out few of the most varied and beautiful insecurities that lie within all of us. We all started to share about our fears, beliefs and challenges that we have faced so far. The entire emotion of the class went to a different level where there was nothing but empathy for the soul.

The very next moment we realized the time for the class was about to get over and the professor took the charge and made us realize that how strong a role our beliefs and experiences play in communication of the same to the others. Communication is all about getting the connect of the listener. If one is successful in doing the same, he becomes a good communicator and a greater leader.

One of the biggest takeaway from the class for me was courage, courage to face all those things in life yet stay focused on whatever you are doing, courage to accept what was has been happening to you, courage to never get bowed down by any bullies around and courage to dictate life at your own terms.

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Himanshu Jhandai

PGP 2nd Year

IIM Shillong

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