IIM Shillong – A Square Peg In These Round Holes

We are born with a profound cause that we are yet to achieve. Or, this is what millennials like to fool themselves with – Searching for a cause in the midst of anxiety and randomness.

I, walking along the same trodden pavement, realized way too late that I too wished to be a “Decision-maker” of an organization. The realization doomed upon me after pinching hundreds of characters onto my keyboard as directed by my then Boss. And then started my story with its last leaflet at IIM Shillong.

After excruciating Interview experience and gruesome journey, I entered Shillong on 22nd June. And, it felt like a totally different world with a calmness engulfed into each one’s heart. Everyone smiles in here. They tend to be more accepting of changes than we metropolitans are. And those khaasi dresses are ones to die for. I am yet to try that on – being just another busy bee burdened with multiple submissions and prereads. Our Marketing Prof. advised us to open ourselves to new experiences. And studying in Shillong, budding along with a culture and community that I have only read about, I think half of my assignment is already done.

And then comes the best part, you get to go to a trek while attending a lecture – yes, for all the avid travellers round here- Trekking is in the sustainability curriculum, you get attendance marks for travelling around this beautiful adobe. The closer you are to nature, the more you delve into yourself. In last 15 days, I have learnt and embodied so much of this Ecosystem, that it is difficult to imagine that I was never a part of it. The course varies with Human endeavouring sciences to Market sciences to few gruesome numbers (Engineering vs Accounting- the famous conundrum).

I have always been worried that I will be moulded into certain shapes that I am expected to hold, but the freedom of mind that Shillong aspires to achieve, lets you indulge in the variety of courses and shape your own interests. With no background to economics and other financial sciences, I felt awkward entering like a novice into the hall, but facilitators wish for a clean slate to let us draw entirely new colourful world on-board in their curriculum. I have a lot to explore, a lot more life-altering decisions to make. But, I feel grateful to have come across such an opportunity to indulge, invent and inculcate a new me altogether among beautiful surroundings.

I hope I move out of this campus all happy, content and with Aditya Birla Asset Management’s placement in hand maybe (greed is good too sometimes), as This is an esteemed establishment with intellect and technology-rich environment, consistently gaining market share and has reached to 11% of the mutual fund market managing, with growing share in Equity Mutual Fund Segment.

Rupali Bajpai

PGP 1st Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong