IIM Shillong – Things That Make The Campus Unique

IIM Shillong previously known as RGIIM Shillong was established in 2007, it was the first premier management institute established in the northeastern part of India. The objective was to promote management education in the northeastern part of the country. Through the years the institute achieved many milestones and reached greater heights.

The institute has consistently maintained sustainability as its main objective and includes it in the majority of the case studies that are a part of its curriculum. The institute also offers a week-long course at the start of its academic program on sustainability. The institute also offers several core courses and electives on sustainability. This helps the students to implement sustainable practices in various aspects of management like marketing, finance and operations. This is considered extremely important as the world is moving towards sustainable practices and inclusion of sustainability in the curriculum helps to develop successful future managers who not only increase the profits of the firms they work for, but also take into consideration the needs of the future generations before making managerial decisions.

“Campus in clouds”, IIM Shillong is often referred by this name in the academic circles. The name itself depicts the scenic beauty that surrounds IIM Shillong. Shillong being one of the most beautiful places in India attracts a lot of tourism all around the year, this scenic beauty makes IIM Shillong the most beautiful B school in the country. The present temporary campus was once used to be a palace of the Maharaja of Orissa.

One of the most important factor about IIM Shillong is its batch size. With a batch size of 180 it has one of the best student-teacher ratio among premier B-schools in the country. Diversity is also an important factor in judging the quality of a B-School. IIM Shillong gives high importance to both gender and academic diversity. The gender ratio in the current batch is near 40%. There are many students from streams other that engineering in the institute. This diversity brings in different viewpoints to a problem and helps students understand diverse perspectives.

One of the most important features of IIM Shillong is that it is student driven. There are committees that handle various aspects of college life like hostel, placement, sports etc. There are 11 clubs which are basically interest groups like consulting club, marketing club, finance club etc. Recently a chapter of toastmasters international has also been started in the institute which helps students in improving their leadership and communication skills. These are some of the aspects that make IIM Shillong unique among other B-schools in India.

Aditya Birla Group

Although Aditya Birla group has established many companies that have high reputation worldwide, being an electronics and communication engineer and a management graduate who is interested in marketing and sales, I would prefer to work for Idea cellular limited. Apart from having a good knowledge of technical aspects of the sector, the Telecommunications sector is one of the fastest growing in India and is also rapidly changing. By working in this sector I can leverage my knowledge in both telecommunications and marketing to understand the customer requirements and design services accordingly, thus making a difference to the company and helping it thrive in an extremely competitive landscape.

Krishna Sarath Chandra

PGP 2nd Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong