IIM Shillong – A Unique Journey

“Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.”

-Roger Crawford

After receiving the confirmation e-mail of allotment of the seat from IIM-Shillong, something positive started to reflect from my within. I knew that challenges are waiting for me and so was I.

From my teachers and peers, I got to know about what life at IIM is going to be and what all challenges I have to face once I enter the gates of IIM and I was excited to live that life. And the day came, 22nd of July and I entered this beautiful city, it only increased my enthusiasm to live this close to nature for complete 2 years of my life. Shillong has its own charm, the people, the culture and the environment here is so mesmerizing that the wind here hypnotizes you not to leave this place once you enter here. It was in the evening of the same day that I entered IIM-S campus and to my surprise, just after registering for the hostel rooms we were immediately given our preparation materials which we were supposed to read that day till night. So, the very first day itself it was very clear to me that things will not be going to be easy here.

Days went on with the same rigor, and I didn’t even realize where these 10 days of my life went. Days were too busy with loads of work to do and rules to follow that sometimes I went emotionally weak which made me miss my family and friends even more. But I didn’t know that these initial 10 days was for us making us strong for the rest of our lives and to bind the whole batch as a family. On the 12th day of entering the campus I was very comfortable with the environment here that I started enjoying and yes the whole batch became a family. That day I realized that this institute has its own way of handling students and shaping their overall personalities.

What caught my attention here the most that being close to nature, IIM-S really does care for it. We were gone through a whole sustainability course which was followed by a trekking trip into the sacred woods then to the high green mountains into the clouds and in the plain lands having lush greenery spread all over itself. I never felt the nature the way I felt that day. This whole course changed my perception towards the environment and within me sparked a want to conserve it and I am pretty much sure the whole batch felt the same. Apart from that, when the regular classes started I found the teachers here are so friendly, so hardworking, and are an ocean of knowledge in themselves. The seniors here are no less than a family ready to help us at any point of time and one more thing which I love about this college is this college never sleeps at any time.

It’s been a 22 day’s journey till now and I am sure many more memorable moments are yet to come.

Shraddha Meena

PGP 1st year

IIM Shillong


IIM Shillong Placement Committee

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