IIM Trichy: An Amalgamation Of Education & Ethics

Indian Institute of Management is a set of 20 autonomous institutes for management education and related research. One of the foremost initiatives pursued by the first Prime Minister of the country to enable India for the economic challenges ahead. Over the last 50 years, IIM’s have established an unparalleled brand value across the world in the field of management education.

The success of the IIM’s and need of quality management students for India’s growth prompted the government to expand the initiative further and as part of this expansion, IIM Trichy was formed in 2011 in the educational and cultural hub of the southernmost part of the country.

For any new institute, first 10 years is the defining period to create a space in the industry as well as among the students. IIM Trichy in the span of 7 years has definitely been able to do so quite successfully so far. Their flagship course is two-year full-time Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP), they also offer a two-year Post Graduate Programme in Business Management (PGPBM) for working professionals through Chennai campus and residential Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) for doctoral candidates.

They started with a make do campus in National Institute of Technology, Trichy but realizing the importance of an independent settlement, they moved to the new state of the art campus in July 2017. They were the first among all the seven IIM’s set up in 2010-2011 to have their own permanent campus. The vision of IIM Trichy to create not only brilliant management students but also to enable them to approach the professional decisions ethically makes it unique among the peer
group. Today, business arena across the world is facing the issue of corporate governance, understanding the value of ethics pretty early, IIM Trichy ensures that by the time one graduates he/she understand how ethics can make a difference in the journey ahead.

IIM Trichy offers a unique opportunity to all its students called ‘Make a Difference’ (MAD), as part of its students have to take up some social problem and provide a solution to it. This initiative helps student’s experience needs and issues of society and to approach decision making through various perspectives considering all the possible stakeholders. MAD has been crucial in shaping the characters and ethics of every member of IIM Trichy.

The institute has been a firm believer of enabling students for the professional challenges of the modern era. The first step toward this was developing a pool of learned faculty members. In short span of 7 years institute has become an abode of over 40 permanent faculties making it best among all the IIMs setup in 2010-2011 in terms of faculty-student ratio.

IIM Trichy has been the successful provider of education and ethics, as a student one can’t ask for anything more.

UltraTech Cement

My previous professional experience has been in building client relation, business development, providing the technical solution to support business process and enable technological innovation across Consumer and Goods industry. With the learning in the field of marketing during the summer internship and the courses I am pursuing in IIM Trichy, I will be able to add value to UltraTech’s marketing team. UltraTech being the largest manufacturer and exporter of cement in the country will provide me an opportunity to experience the real world business needs which will help me grow professionally under a great umbrella of UltraTech’s value system.

This article is written by Himanshu Ratnam – Class of 2019

IIM Trichy Placement Team

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