IMT Ghaziabad Interview Experience – 2018

Here’s my IMT-G interview experience!


X/XII/ Grad: 94.6/92/79

GEM Fresher, will graduate in 2018

CAT: 98, Sectionals above 92.

Date: 12/02/2018

Location: Kolkata

Slot: 1pm

Reached there half n hour early. The documents were verified and we were told to be seated according to our respective panels. I was in Panel 1. Had a chat with the members of the admissions committee, found them to be very cordial and approachable.

WAT: Artificial intelligence poses a threat to the job market. Support your views with five distinct points. (10 minutes to think, 20 minutes to write)

Started with the advances in AI and wrote for the topic. Wrote about the demography of the country and the impact AI would have on various sectors. Mentioned about self-driving cars and why the Indian Govt. is against it. Concluded by saying how AI should enable humans and not replace them. Good WAT overall.

Group Exercise: We were told to devise a communication strategy for a product of our choice. We were given a few sketch pens, colour papers, chart papers, etc.

As a team, we didn’t do that well. I pitched in with a few ideas here and there, designed a pamphlet towards the end. We could barely design a poster and two pamphlets in all.

Personal Interview:

I was seventh in my panel.

2 male professors (P1, P2)

P1: Middle-aged professor.

P2: Must be his 50’s, smiling throughout, looked happy with his life.

M: Me :p

M: Hello, Good Afternoon.!

P2 nods, asks me to take a seat.

P2: So Rahul, how was the process up till now?

M: It was good, sir. The wat topic was good, I was able to put forward my point of view. The group exercise was not that great. We should have performed better. I also interacted with the members of the admission committee and a few other candidates. Good experience up till now.

P2: What went wrong in the GE?

M: Sir, we focused more on the planning part.

P1 interrupts: Could you please speak a bit louder?

M (taken aback): Sorry sir, as I was saying, we focused more on the planning part. We could have spent more time on the posters.

P2: Why didn’t you try to correct the group then?

M: Well sir, I tried to. That’s why I kept telling them that we should start working on the posters now. In fact, towards the end, I noticed we just had a poster and one pamphlet. Hence, I designed another pamphlet myself, even though I’m not good at drawing.

P2: Ok, so you’re in your final year of engineering?

M: Yes Sir, final year. Engineering in IT.

P2 : What’s your final year project on?

M: Told him about my sorting algorithm and how it’s performing better than a few existing ones for certain test cases.

P2( looks impressed): Alright, so can you explain what is parallel programming?

M(I had a vague idea, but was afraid he would ask more questions) : Sorry sir, I don’t know much about it.

P2: Ok, then what’s your area of interest?

M: Sir, I’m mostly into object-oriented programming and web development..

P1 interrupts again: Rahul, I’m not being able to hear you. Please speak a bit louder.

M ( a bit tensed now ): I apologize, sir. Object-oriented programming and web development.

P2: What in web development?

M(making sure I’m loud enough)Mostly back-end but I’ve also enjoyed working on the front-end part. The designing part is very tricky and that actually helps you think from a customer’s point of view.

P1: Why MBA?

Me: Told him the prepared answer about coming from a business-oriented family, wanting to learn about the business side of things, etc. Past experiences in fests, projects, etc.

P2: What specialization are you looking for in MBA?

M: To be honest, it’s difficult to choose one at this stage since I’m an engineer and I’ve had limited exposure to fields like marketing, finance, etc.

P2(smirks): Diplomacy at it’s best.

M(smiling): I believe in the middle path, sir.

P2(laughing; P1 still serious): Still, you must have thought about it.

M: If I have to choose one now, I feel Marketing would be the right fit for me since I’ve been able to develop an understanding about the customer’s thought process as a result of my past experiences. Moreover, I’ve been involved in projects where I had to work with clients and interact with them, understand their requirements and show them how our product would serve their purpose. I really enjoyed doing all that.

P1 looks disinterested. Makes an “I’m not bothered” face.

P2 continues: Do you know what Google page ranking is and how it works?

M: Explained him briefly that it has to do with the number of keywords and associated links.

P2: Ok how does the Google Search Engine work?

M(trying to formulate an answer in my mind, buying more time): Could you please elaborate sir?

P2: When you press that search button, what happens in the background?

M(not exactly confident but tried to speak in a confident manner): Told him how web crawlers work and how Google has its own servers. Also told him a bit about the world wide web and how Google indexes the results for future use.

P2: Are you sure?

M: Yes sir, I guess so. That’s why when you look up a popular word or link, it takes lesser time as compared to when you search for a not-so-popular word.

P2: ok leave that, tell me how Google monitors live traffic?

M(again, have a vague idea): Told him how Google tracks the location of all available mobile devices at a particular street and then, uses that data to monitor the traffic.

P2: I didn’t get you.

M: Sir, they monitor the location of all devices on a particular street at regular intervals of time.

P2: And then, they find out the average speed, right?

M: Yes sir.

P2: So just say they find out the average speed.

M: Sir, whatever they do is based on location tracking. That’s why all Android phones have Google and Gmail pre-installed. You can’t access the play store unless you log into your Gmail account.

P2: Ok, what about the cars which are parked and are stationary.

M(no clue, gave a stupid answer): Sir, cars don’t have any devices of their own.

P2: Ok what if I’m sitting in my car eating something, not moving. Then?

M: Sir, I don’t know. They must have some parameter on the basis of which they filter that data out.

P2: Do you know what parameter?

M: No Sir, I’m not aware of it.

P2 says he’s done.

P1: Do you have any questions?

M(had to ask something): Sir, can you tell me and the social responsibility program at IMT-G?

P1 explained for about 2–3 minutes, probably the only time in the interview when he spoke for that long.

I thanked them and left the room.

Verdict: First List Convert (PGDM Core).

Rahul Agarwal

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