Introducing – My Crazy Batchmates At IIM-T

Abhishek Mishra: “The Lazy One”

The night before an end term exam is one where MBA students are generally busy with the books class notes trying to understand all the concept taught in the term in one night. On the other hand, when you go Abhishek’s room, you will either see him playing FIFA or sleeping in his room. You can see the books for the exams are nowhere to be seen near him. On asking whether he have completed studying for the exam the general reply will be “I will start in sometime”. Even though the guy is lazy and tends to procrastinate most of his task till the Eleventh Hour, I can safely say he is one of the sharpest minds of IIM Trichy. The productiveness which he brings into the work in the Eleventh Hour can be easily compared to the effectiveness of MS Dhoni’s finishing skills. I have seen the guys effectiveness in eleventh hour when he performed extremely well in the term examination or clearing CFA level 1 examination by studying for the last 10 days.  Abhishek consider himself as “best FIFA player” in IIM Trichy which I totally disagree with. Apart for playing FIFA, he is passionate for football and a huge fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. One of the most important characteristics is his positive vibes he carries with himself.

Mayank Lal: The Monk

Mayank is one the most well-read guy I have interacted with. The guy can discuss about anything and everything ranging from management to psychology to technology to any other topics. He seems to have born just for reading. His room have pile of books and he is immersed in one of them whenever I visit his room. Mayank is also comes across as the most honest and guy with lot of integrity in the whole batch.

Apart from reading he is generally seen participating in all the quizzing competition held across B Schools. He is also a fitness enthusiast, diet conscious and always goes for a running in spite of the busy schedule.

Indraneel Pise: “The Writer”

IIT + IIM + Writer: The combination which is very rare in itself. Generally, people from IIT’s are considered to be left brain dominated personalities. However, Indraneel is one of the few guys who are equally good with their left brain and right brain ability.  Being in the same class for the last one year, I got to learn about different perspective to various topics in the class. The questions he generally put forward to any topic makes even the professors think on his/her feet. His hold on analytics with the combination of storytelling make his one of the unique character of IIM Trichy. He generally writes blogs about Life at IIM Trichy. Few of his works are as follows:

Ashwini Goyal: The Hardworking and Dedicated One

“The next Raghuram Rajan”: This is what I generally call him but he always tends to be very humble.

Ashwini is hands down the best Finance Guy in our batch. He is one of the most hardworking and dedicated guys I have come across in IIM Trichy. His passion for Finance and dedication toward is the same as seen in Rahul Dravid for cricket.  He carries about his work in a silent manner and can be rarely seen in the limelight in the batch. He is in the Director Merit List for his excellent academic achievement. He likes to read books related to economic and finance which can be clearly seen by a pile of books in his room. I have a personal bias that Ashwini is going to achieve close to what Mr. Rajan has achieved in his life if he continues with the dedication and passion he has demonstrated in IIM Trichy.

Indranil Saha: The Networking Guy

Indranil is one of the most professional guys I have encountered in IIM Trichy. He is called the Networking Master of the batch. He knows anyone and everyone in the professional community and maintain a good rapport with all of them.

The guy is always busy on LinkedIn making increasing his professional contacts. If you want to know about any information related to any competition or events from any other B-School you just need to contact Indranil. He has his network across all the IIM and premium B-School of India. Apart from maintaining his good professional network, Indranil professionalism can be seen in his submissions. His submissions are one of the neatest and consist of a lot of hygienic check even though the assignment is an ungraded one.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I would like to work in Grasim Industries Limited in the Aditya Birla Group Companies. In the Grasim Industries Limited I would specifically like to work in the Jaya Shree Textile in Rishra, West Bengal. Growing up there was always admiration for people working in Jaya Shree Textile Limited. I have spent most of my childhood in the ground of Jaya Shree and have always wanted to work as manager in the company. Working in Jaya Shree Textile will help me go back to my roots and help me stay close to my family.

This article is written by Pusparaj Singh – Class of 2019

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