Live Chat Transcript of IIM Bangalore Students On Preparation for PI & WAT

IIM Bangalore shortlist is out now. Some of you will have done really well to get the call. We thought it would be a great opportunity to meet the soon-to-be senior batch at IIM Bangalore to ask them about tips to prepare for WAT/PI and quiz them about Life at IIM Bangalore .


Here are some excerpts from the chat:


Sonali Kapoor

Hi! Please could you give some tips on how to prepare for WAT/PI?

Hi Sonali, Keep these few things in mind while preparing for WAT/PI.
1) Have a structure while you put your points across. 2). For WAT, ensure you showcase your views on both sides of the argument but take a stand in the end. 3) For PI, keep your answers brief and elaborate when asked further. Hope this helps.
Sonali Kapoor
Is there too much pressure at IIM B as they say? What about extra curriculars?
@Sonali: You’ll have times when you will be tested, but there will be time when you can sit back and relax. Regarding extra-currics, please read the response to Sophiya.
Sonali Kapoor
Just wanted to know, is there a conscious decision to encourage diversity after Interviews are done? For example, will a guy with more marks be overlooked to facilitate the entry of a girl to improve class diversity?
@Sonali: No there is no weight-age to promote gender diversity. Having said that, 1 out of 4 students at IIM-B are girls.
Sophiya Anthony
Hi Team, please throw some light on campus life at IIM B.
Hi Sophiya, IIM Bangalore has a host of fests, clubs and chapters to be part of. Several case competitions and sports events will be more than enough to keep you busy. For more details do check out –
Preksha Rajput
How much weightage do the references have, in the admission process?
Hi Preksha, There is no set weightage for references as such. But please be prepared to defend any questions asked in the interview regarding your references.
Preksha Rajput
So, there is no quantitative weightage for the references?
Hi Preksha, no weightage as such.
Atirek Rajpal 
Hi, could you please give your insights on what sets IIM-B apart compared to other B schools like Ahmedabad, Calcutta or ISB. I have heard they have the strongest management research base in India, apart from this, what is the USP of IIM-B?
Hi Atirek, IIM-B provides you a good balance between academics and extra/co-curricular activities. Peers with significant work-ex and the best faculty will help you realize your full potential at IIM-B.
1) NSRCEL – IIM B’s entrepreneurship cell provides critical support to upcoming businesses and helps students in cultivating and taking forth their ideas. The center has incubated several well-known firms such as Mycloudportal, 8K miles and Brain League. The professors managing the center also conduct regular lectures, which helps increase the interaction between the students and the experts.
2) IIM Bangalore sees a strong involvement of extra-curriculars in its regimen. While the academics are highly competitive and intensive, the environment ensures that the students are involved in much needed molding from softer standpoints of leadership, communication, event management, etc.
Piyush Bindu 
For a WAT topic we receive on the D day..we are expected to put out some stats in support of things ?
Hi Piyush, If you can remember the statistics, that is good. There is no expectation for stats as such, refer to the points mentioned above to understand what is important to showcase in a WAT.
Ankit Xyz
The SOP is supposed to be of 600 words, is it okay if my SOP exceeds 600 words? Or is the limit strict?
Hi Ankit, I advise that you stick to the word limit as they are set for a reason.
Ankit Xyz
As a fresher, how can I be a better fit for IIM B? As in, what do I have to offer, that candidates with workex cannot?
Hi Ankit, Being a fresher is not a disadvantage at all at IIMB. You come with a clean slate and hence take the maximum advantage of peer to peer learning.
Ankit Xyz
There is definitely no disadvantage coming as a fresher. Rather, I want to know if there is any advantage to it.
@Ankit: Believe me, being a fresher you can bring fresh and inquisitive perspective to the table. Play to your strength, and stay clear with your thoughts and how you put them across.
Ankit Xyz
As a fresher, what kinds of questions can I expect in the PI?
Hi Ankit, As there would be no scope of discussion regrading workex, be well prepared with your acads and current affairs.
Nishant Gupta
Should there be a definite goal that should be mentioned in the SOP? Eg. Should it be like I want to pursue management consulting or something a little bit fuzzier would also work?
Hi Nishant, Having a definite goal is not important but have a clarity about what you would like to be doing in a few years from now(interest wise) and be prepared to handle questions related to it.
Richa Gupta
Hi, I am not planning to enroll with a coaching institute to prepare for my AWT/ PI. Do you think it can affect my performance in any way on the D- Day?
Hi Richa, I do not think that being enrolled in a coaching institute makes any sort of difference. Just be well prepared and you will be fine.
Richa Gupta
Also, can you tell us about the diversity at your campus especially with respect to the under graduate streams of the enrolled students.
@Richa: You would find 90% of the class with an engineering background, some with a masters too. The remaining batch comprises of CA’s, B.Com, Maths and Stats etc.
Vivek Saini 
I have mentioned entrepreneurship as my goal after PGP from IIMB. What are questions i should be ready for? And could you please mention what are the provisions IIMB have to promote entrepreneurship?
@Vivek: Questions could range from – why entrepreneurship?, what is your big idea?, what steps have you taken to pursue the same?. Make sure you know your story in-out.
@Vivek: Check this out :

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