Malhar Joshi: A Second Year MBA Student Specializing In Operations Shares His Internship Experience At Deloitte

Interning at Deloitte was a dream – come true for me, considering it was my dream company to work with since the time I had started working in the corporate world. It gave me an experience which created an impact that matters to me the most today.

During my 8 weeks tenure as an intern, I happened to experience the wonderful culture that Deloitte has nurtured in its workforce over the years- a culture of becoming a better version of yourself by being what you are and focusing on your strengths to continuously improve. This culture emanates two important factors for succeeding at Deloitte; staying relevant and being eminent. The success mantra that I have learnt from this culture is, ‘Do the right things and the rest will fall in place accordingly’.

With regard to my project, I happened to work on some interesting industry tools to assist the client for streamlining its organization planning concerns. It gave me learning that it is very important to understand the functional aspect of the client business in detail to provide a long-term solution to the client.

The project helped me to understand the work ethics that is imbibed in the Deloitte culture. As per my experience, these work ethics are based on 3C’s; Client, Collaboration and Consensus. This is because whatever be the service line, every individual in the organization is dedicated to providing maximum value to the client by collaborating with various teams or peers and decisions are taken based on consensus rather than upmanship. This was the basis of the inclusive culture that Deloitte has been able to create over the years.

Apart from working on new technologies, tools and comprehending the consulting domain of the business, a major learning for me has come in the form of knowing the real meaning of ‘Networking’. I could realize that the idea of networking is to know about each other’s values and core competencies and then see how you can bring value into the day to day lives of others around you.

It was enlightening to listen to different people about how to go about building one’s work ethic in the beginning phase of the career. Work ethics, which helps in continuous learning eventually helps in becoming adaptable to the fast-changing world.

Lastly, I would just like to say that Deloitte is an organization which provides varied experience in a short time. This allows oneself to learn more and improve daily.

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