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I Declined Goldman Sachs For H&M, Ft. Mayank Agarwal, Ex Deloitte, Uber, IIM L

Right after his engineering degree, Mayank Agarwal got placed in a company where he learned the basics of Supply Chain Management. In his four years that he spent in the

In Conversation With IIM Lucknow Students | Part 2: Mayank Bansal, Deloitte Intern

A lot gets revealed in informal conversations over a coffee! So I decided to take it up with some of the bright minds at IIM Lucknow to discover who they

From Cracking Interview With Deloitte To Bagging A PPO - Writupara Nath, IIM Ranchi

Hello readers, let me introduce you Writuparna Nath from IIM Ranchi.

Nestlé, Deloitte - What It Takes To Get A PPO From These Industry Giants

What do most business school students aim for at the end of their summer internships? A PPO! For the lucky few who manage to bag one, it is nothing short

How Internships Prepare You for Your Career ft. Deloitte, Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages, and More!

Many students look at MBA as a key to accelerating their career in the corporate world. However, an MBA doesn’t guarantee you success. You need to have real conviction to

How I Bagged A PPO With Deloitte - Naveen Rajgariya, XIMB

Your Summers' experience can be tremendously valuable, providing you the opportunity to build skills for your resume and meet people who are working in your preferred industry. Increasingly, they are

My Internship Experience With Deloitte - R. Raghunandan, IFMR GSB, Krea University

The hiring process consisted of a case-based discussion on the modern implementation of ERP systems followed by a personal interview. The case-based discussion was quite technical and business-oriented. We were

Getting The Dream Internship At Deloitte - Kavya N. Bhaskar, IFMR GSB Krea University

The one unifying zeal for every student that walks through the gates of IFMR is to have a career that they could one day be proud of. I was no