MBA (HRD), Delhi School Of Economics – Summer Internship Experience – Prakhar Singh At Deloitte USI

Students of the entire batch of 2018, MBA (HRD), Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics successfully completed their summer internships by the end of July 2017. We ask Prakhar Singh, a student of our MBA (HRD) program from the batch of 2018 about his summer internship experience at Deloitte USI.


What did you do?

I interned with Deloitte in the Human Capital service line. I specifically worked for the Organisation Transformation & Talent (OT&T) service area. The division provides consulting services to clients globally across several areas like Talent Strategies, Learning Solutions, Organisation Strategies, Leadership Solutions, Strategic Change, Technology Adoption, and Sales Force Effectiveness. The culture of the company is great and it offers a lot of opportunities for the interns to learn.

I got the opportunity to work on an actual client project. The project was of Technology Adoption for an IT based firm headquartered in the United States, undergoing a digital transformation. I was briefed on the client, project history and the final deliverable. The primary task for me was to create training content for technology adoption solutions primarily Oracle, Salesforce, Anaplan using learning content development tools like uPerfom.

Once I had a good understanding of the requirement and the outcomes expected from the project, I was made responsible to deliver the same across different training modules. Over the next 8 weeks, I worked on developing the end-user training simulations, implementing quality checks and peer review on the recorded simulations and finally creating knowledge assessments for all the courses. I was also acquainted with different training mediums like; Web-based Training (WBTs), Instructor Led Training (ILTs), virtual Instructor Led Training (vILTs); this would also include any supporting/collateral material including instructor guides, participant guides, handouts, job aids and self-study materials.


Why was your project important? How did you make a difference? What did you learn? 

The client project, assigned to me was a high burn project so there was no dearth of opportunities to create a meaningful impact. The firm takes great efforts in the onboarding of the interns. The interns are treated at par with all the project team members and our opinion was valued and appreciated. We had multiple opportunities to interact and connect with fellow practitioners.

The summer internship was a great learning opportunity. Being a fresher I learned a lot as I was actively encouraged to take ownership of my work and ask questions. This helped me in getting a good clarity about the organization, the type of work and the kind of projects it deals with.

I also had an additional responsibility of working on PRDs (Practice Related Development) or firm initiatives which gave me an opportunity to work towards impacting the stakeholders of the organisation and directly contribute to facilitating internal employee engagement. Most of these initiatives are led by senior leadership. Working on the firm initiative helped me develop my professional network and get a broader perspective of the organisation.

Overall, the internship gave me a good hands-on experience of how management consulting works and what are the key skills that can help you in this profession.


What did you like the most about the company and why?

One thing that really stands out for Deloitte is its open culture. It’s typically a very flat organisation. You can easily reach out to anyone with your doubts and queries, from the Business Analysts all the way up to the Consultants & Senior Managers. I even got a chance to interact with the Managing Director of the Consulting division during my internship.

In addition, I was allotted a Counselor for the entire duration of my internship and an onboarding team who would address any personal or professional difficulties/issues I happened to face. I was encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions from time to time.

As a concluding note, I would say that there are no limitations to what you can achieve here. To sum it up I would like to quote a very popular saying, prevalent in the firm – ‘You Own Your Career at Deloitte’.

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