Personal Interview Experiences At IIM Lucknow And IIM Kozhikode – Abishake Koul

The topic was related to Indian villages and their contribution to Indian economy. Same topic for both WAT as well as GD. (can’t remember the exact words)
My Performance:
WAT: Was able to do well in both as had the same WAT topic in IIFT.
GD: For discussion, we had around 10 people in the group and it went on for 12 minutes. Didn’t turn into a fish market. Spoke 4 times. Gave points of rural electrification and technical reforms to bring modernization in villages.

I was the first person to go but some other guy has an interview in the afternoon session and he went ahead of me.
Two panellists. Both males. One in mid 40’s (P1) and the other in 60’s (P2).

P1: So, you are from J&K. Tell me about the coalition government formation happening over there. What are your views on it?
Me: Explained about the CMP on which both the parties were working on to resolve their issues. Gave some points in favour of the coalition.

P1: Tell us about your job responsibilities.
Me: Explained in detail about work in R&D of Maruti Suzuki. Then came the expected question of Why MBA from P1.
I explained that how my work ex(working with marketing teams in product conceptualization stage) and an initiative in college have made me interested in marketing. Both panellists didn’t seem to be convinced.
Then, spoke about product & market study and about branding a little and was able to convince them a little.

P2: What other calls do you have.
Me: Told about K. How the PI went well but I screwed up GD. Asked me that how I did well in today’s GD. Felt good and explained a little.
P2 kept on discussing the GD topic for a while with me.

P2 then glanced through my form.
Made remark about my college BIT Mesra. I explained how main Birla had two sons and one opened BITS Pilani while the other started BIT Mesra.

Made remarks about hobbies and asked few questions to which I replied.

Then they thanked me and asked to send the next person in.

My performance: The interview lasted around 12 minutes. I would rate it 3/5.

WAT & GD: Topic: Should military intervention be necessary to eliminate organisations such as ISIS. Same topic for both WAT as well as GD.
My Performance:
WAT: ok although the time given was very less.
GD: I was able to introduce but could speak only two times after that. Other people were bringing good content on which I lacked.

I was the first one to go.
Two panellists: One female (P1) and one male (P2)

P1: How do you rate your GD?
Me: Not very well. Others were bringing in good points. I wasn’t able to. I suddenly remembered about the Jordanian exercise and told about that.

P1: Moving on, she took my file and saw the subject of Environmental Science which I had studied in 2nd Semester. She asked about global warming.
Me: I replied as it was easy. Then she asked about carbon trading which I had read some days back. I explained it in detail. She asked what happens in environment conventions and  I explained it.
She seemed happy with my responses.

P1: She saw a subject RDBMS in my marks card.
Me: I explained. She wanted to know the difference between DBMS and RDBMS which I explained how relations come to play in tables.

P1: She saw a subject Principles of Management in lasts semester. Asked what did you study?
Me: I told about what we studied.
Now P2 gets interested and says you must have studied these things also.
Me: Sorry sir, I couldn’t remember but we have studied these things also.
They didn’t ask further questions from subjects.

P2: Asks about work ex.
Me: I tell about my job responsibilities to which the next question of why MBA?
I explain and this time the panel seemed to buy what I was saying.

P1: Some more questions from Automobile sector. Some questions on Tata Nano. About dealerships and service centers, their profit margins.
Me: Could explain very well and P1 seemed very happy. She then further told that she herself had worked for sometime in the automobile industry.

P1: Asked questions on hobbies.
Me: I answered them pretty well.

P1: What other calls?
Me: Told.
Then she asked why I would like to come to K. Told about how it will be a new experience for me.

P1: Asked if I had a question.
Me: Asked about social program initiatives in K.
P1 & P2 explained.
Then thanked me and asked me to leave.

My performance: The interview lasted around 25 minutes. I would rate it 4/5.

WAT: Topic: Related to euthanasia. Can’t remember it exactly.
My Performance:
Good. There was a lot of time and I was able to write well though the topic given was very general in nature.

I was the last one to go.
Three panellists: All male. The left one would be in Mid 30’s (P1). The centre one in mid 40’s (P2) and the right one in mid 50’s (P3)

P2: Introduce yourself.
Me: I introduced and told about my background, my work ex and my hobbies and strengths.

P1: Tell me what is a diode?
Me: Answered.
He asked me to draw the symbol on a paper which I did.

P2: What is a LED?
Me: Answered.
He again asked me to draw the symbol which I did.

P2: What is O-Led (Amoled technology) being used by Samsung?
Me: I couldn’t remember it at that time although I knew it. I apologised.

He now looks at P3 to intervene.

P3: What is overloading?
Me: Answered.

P3: What is short circuit?
Me: Answered.

P3: What is the difference between neutral and ground?
Me: Answered.

Having had enough of the technical stuff, they asked me to tell about my work responsibilities.
I explained which again led to the Why MBA question.
I answered and gave my reasons and was able to convince the panel.

Now P1 intervenes.
He goes ahead and asks me a barrage of GK questions which I will list down:

1. Who is the CEO of Maruti (the organisation I work with)
2. Chairman of Maruti.
3. The Annual turnover of Maruti.
4. CEO of Microsoft. Asked me the name of all CEOs I could remember.
5. CEO of Google.
6. Who was awarded Bharat Ratna recently?

(The above ones I remember because I could answer)

P3: What is NITI Aayog?
Me: Explained.

P3: Is it better than Planning Commission?
Me: Gave answers in favour.

P2: Do you watch cricket?
Me: I used to but lost interest after Sachin retired.

The Panel was amused.
P1 intervened again.
P1: Which year did Sachin receive Bharat Ratna?
Me: Answered.

P1: Who received along with him.
Me: Answered C N Rao.

P1: Do you know the full name?
Me: No Sir.

P2: Asked if I had a question.
Me: Asked about Indore Marathon.
P2 explained.
Then thanked me and asked me to leave.

My performance: The interview lasted around 20 minutes. I would rate it 4/5.




About the Author: 


Abishake Koul graduated from BIT Mesra in 2013 and had a 2-year stint with Maruti Suzuki before joining IIM Lucknow where he is a part of Media & Communication Cell. His hobbies include writing, poetry and running.