‘Roof over Head’ – InsideIIM.com’s Accommodation Hunting Service for Professionals in India – Mumbai

Please visit this page to register for this year! – Roof over Head – 2013

In our endeavour to provide a complete array of services to management education students in India, we launch ‘Roof over Head’ – InsideIIM.com’s Accommodation Hunting Service for Professionals in India.

As promised we have opened request form for people looking for long term accommodation in Mumbai starting from any month between April to July 2012.

We will try our best to provide options that best suit your requirements. We do not however guarantee accommodation options and you may not hear from us if enough people do not express interest in finding housing in your work region in Mumbai. In case you cannot view the form below please leave a comment below. We shall get in touch with you.

Team InsideIIM

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Team InsideIIM

First round of Female Accommodation options sent for Mumbai to all the Class of 2013 women who have registered on InsideIIM.com via their institute ids. Options for other regions coming soon. Please keep watching this space.

Team InsideIIM

Many Mumbai options have been mailed. Especially, for women. If you haven't registered please fill the form now! Also we have not replied to anyone who has sent us an email id which is not a bonafide institute email id.,

Ritwik Chakraborty

I havent received inspite of giving my institute email address. Can you confirm?

Team InsideIIM

@Ryan – We are currently struggling to fulfill demand in NCR and Bangalore. We are trying our best. The reasons Chennai isn't included are that :
1) From our experience the total number of interns travelling to Chennai and Kolkata is much lesser than the other 4 mentioned above.
2) Our network is rather weak in Chennai and Kolkata

Finding Long term accommodation is always easy. It is the short term accommodation that is more difficult to find anywhere in India.

Namit Bajaj

There are 5-6 other people also from SCMHRD Pune looking for a place in Mumbai for summer internship….Please check if it is possible…

new joinee

Im looking for long term accomodation only….i have filled up the google form too….i prefer PG…there are a few guys with me…so flat would also do…

Team InsideIIM

Please check you mail before 12 am today. Check your SPAM folder too if you dont receive it by then.