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Journey Of My Summer Internship At RBI || Rakesh Joshi || IFMR GSB, Krea University

For B-school students, the summer internship is where they learn and build their skills and profile. Moving away from classrooms and heading towards the real-world, internships give students an edge

How B-Schools Are Now Pandemic-Proof Ft. MDIM

Business Schools this year faced an extremely tough challenge like any other industry. Whether it was successfully onboarding the batch of 2022, or to help the existing 2021 batch with

SIP Experience At Ford Smart Mobility LLC || Kailash Swamynathan || IFMR GSB, Krea University

Little did I anticipate when I left the campus in March, following a nation-wide lockdown that it will extend for almost a year. Neither did my batchmates, as we all

What My Internship At Credit Suisse Taught Me || Soumya Anand Singh || IFMR GSB, Krea University

Right on the cusp of the “new normal”, when I thought of the idea of a virtual internship, I was understandably quite apprehensive about what and how I might learn

My Kotak Interview Experience Ft. Prajwal Kumar, TISS ODCL

One of the biggest events in any b-school student's life is the summer internship interview process. Your summer interview is something that you spend days preparing for. And yet, it's

How We Got Into P&G And BCG Ft. SPJIMR Alums - Surbhi & Aayush

How does a year after B School look like? There are certainly some defining moments as a student which shape you to not only achieve what you desire but also

How To Ace Your B School Journey? – Making The Most Out Of The Two Years Ft. TAPMI

Finding yourself and playing to your strengths is the first step as you start your B School journey. With a multitude of diverse subjects & committees throughout your program, identifying

Learning To Care For Life - Dipak Shenvi, Cipla PPO Holder - Evolve Series #5

Through the EVOLVE SERIES, we, the Media Committee, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, strive to exhibit what it takes to excel at the rich internship roles offered by through IIFT.