Sandeep Pande’s MDI Gurgaon Interview Experience – 2018

Location: MDI, Gurgaon   Date:20/02/2018

CAT percentile:99.57


WAT and GD: Impact of technology on banking sector

I gave the GD a pretty decent start and then entered some 5-6 times. Overall I would say the GD was good.


Interview experience:

P1: Tell us about yourself.


P1: you have written aboutChinaa in your WAT, could you tell me when the Chinese declared economic liberalisation?

Me: 1978

P1: India?

Me: Sir I cannot recall.

P2: What is your age?

Me: Sir,24.

P2: Usi time hua tha.

P1: Why are so many banking related scams are happening in the country?

Me: Corruption and inefficient regulation.

P1: What are the regulatory bodies.

Me: Told about what they do but couldn’t recall the exact one for the PNB case.

P1: Agreed. Is SEBI the regulatory body you are talking about?

Me: No sir, SEBI is for securities transactions.

P1: Do you read?

Me: No sir not much into reading.

P1: Newspaper?

Me: Yes sir I started reading the Hindu a few months back.

P1: Who owns it?

Me: Told the two names. One I told wrong.

P1: Asked me if I was sure?

Me: Yes sir.

P2: Who is the editor in chief?

Me: Mukund Padmanabhan.

P2: Name the 3 best private CS Engineering colleges from South India.

Me: Told.

P2: Are you sure IIIT Hyderabad is private?

Me: yes sir.

P2: Tell me one thing you would like to change about your college

Me: Told related to extracurriculars.

P1: If the faculty would have taken interest in the activity you are talking about, you wouldn’t have raised Rs. 40 lakhs.

Me: Sir, we still would have. We are not asking for monetary support from the college but some support from the administration is always helpful.

P1: What would you do if the same thing happened here?

Me: I would do what I did in my undergrad. I made sure that the college has enough funds for these activities and also cracked long-term partnerships with Coca-Cola and Reliance Jio. The college is still receiving money from those brands and a few others.

P1: You recognise yourself more with your school or college?

Me: College

P1: Why?

Me: Told about how I got to work in varied fields related to management and also did a lot of constructive things at college.

P2: Is Wells Fargo famous or infamous?

Me: It’s infamous.

P2: Why?

Me: Told how the scam tarnished its image.

P2: What do the Wells Fargo India operations do?

Me: Told about the different verticals and my work.

P1: What is your CAT percentile?

Me: Sir 99.57

P1: You have calls from ABC?

Me: No.

P1: You have less marks in 10/12?

Me: No sir.

He looked at my marks in the form and both of them smiled and said all the best. Thank you.