SPJIMR’s PGCIM- The NukkadLiga

A Geographically, Meteorologically, Politically, Historically Apt time:

There was a time, not long ago in the sporting circles of India, when people used to talk about the need of a new football league which would bring revolution in the country, a league which would surpass all expectations in terms of footballing drama and bring in a culture of ‘The Game’, a league so powerful that its sheer presence on Television would take the TRPs to the highest levels possible. ISL was just around the corner but the nation wanted a league which was for the people, by the people and of the people.

It was a hot summer night in India when 3 inspirational humans, sitting in their incredibly hot hostel rooms, came up with an idea of a league which would unite us all – rich and poor, young and adults, students and professors, and most of all matures and amateurs. That night the whole universe conspired right and all stars aligned themselves to give birth to the best leagues of them all – the Nukkad Liga. The format, the rules, the players, the coaches, the owners, the pitch, the crowd and most importantly the Money, all lined up to greet a new member in footballing arena.

Mr. Spiderman, an eminent Astrologer who was also present at the time of flight of India’s Mars Mission, has said that the circumstances present at the time of conception of NukkadLiga were similar to those which were present when our beloved Krishna was born in a prison in Mathura.

Prime Minister Modi has congratulated us for taking this initiative for the country and has promised a grant of Rs. 100,00,000 from the Govt of India for its promotion and for maintaining the health of the players.

So lets the game begin – Galliyon ki RaasLiga – The NukkadLiga





Article by:

Akhil Vyas

PGCIM Batch of 2014-2015