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Fair Warning To IIM Aspirants From An IIM Alumnus

Firstly, I salute InsideIIM’s mission to educate the aspiring millions who are investing their millions, looking to enter the hallowed portals, about the ground realities. As someone who has had

Do Your Past Academic Scores Matter? Let's Bust The Myth!

It has been almost a year since I started with the preparation of a so called ‘tough exam’ – CAT. There are some things that come to you naturally even

How Important Are Past Academics To Get Into IIM ABCLKI

In the recent past, the older IIMs have exceedingly given more importance to past academics. It is no longer just about belling the cat, you have to be consistent throughout

How Important Are Grades In A B-School?

With June already here, MBA aspirants have ramped up their preparations and b-schools have geared up to welcome their new batches. Whether you are an aspirant or you are joining

How Important Are Academic Scores When It Comes To B-School Recruitment Process? - Answered By An XLRI Student

Everyone who has cleared an entrance exam knows the effort it takes to get past that huge stumbling block, the hours of preparation to cross the sectional cut-offs, the Mock