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Meet Goa Institute Of Management’s Professor Of The Year 2021 - Prof. P.D. Purkayastha

Prof. PD Purkayastha is GIM’s Professor Of The Year 2021! With 23+ years of professional experience in market research and independent consultation, training, and teaching, Prof Purkayastha is known to

Meet The Prof Who IIM Rohtak Students Say ‘Teaches With His Whole Heart’ Ft. Prof. Ankur Jain, Professor Of The Year

Prof. Ankur Jain is IIM Rohtak’s Professor Of The Year 2021! An experienced academician with industry exposure, Prof Jain is adored by the students at IIM Rohtak! Let’s get to

Meet The IIT K Professor Who Is As Extensive In Doubt Resolution As She Is In Teaching Ft. Vimala Rani, Professor Of The Year 2021

Dr. Vimala Rani M is IIT Kharagpur’s Professor Of The Year 2021! With more than 7 years of academic and teaching experience, Prof. Rani is the Assistant Professor (Grade I

Meet The Coolest Professor On IIM Ranchi Campus Ft. Soumya Sarkar, Professor Of The Year 2021

Dr. Soumya Sarkar is IIM Ranchi’s Professor Of The Year 2021! With more than 24 of industry, research, and teaching experience, Prof. Sarkar is a Grade I Assistant Professor of

5 Ultimate Steps To Help You Get Into Your B-School

Planning to do an MBA is one thing, figuring out your dream b-schools and identifying the steps that may lead to your b-school is different. As an aspirant, you may

Is Your Profile Good Enough For SPJIMR, FMS, MDI and XLRI? Here's What Data Says

Cracking CAT and getting into some of the top management institutes in India is not everyone's cup of tea; things become even tougher when you add to the mix the

Rat Race Of Grades

In this competitive world, everyone wants everything in life. Little do we think about how is it going to matter in the long run, or how will these small achievements

Academics: An Indispensable Epidemic

‘May’ is a month I hate. It brings forth a day in life that I am never prepared to face. ‘Results ’! That day of your life, when your fate